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Victorian Albums


1. Russian tintype of 2 gentlemen in a studio.
2. Group of 4 in a studio, the man is holding a spear.


1. Group of 4 women in a boat. The 3rd woman from the left is Mary Ann Jones.
2. Two women posing with a prop donkey, before a backdrop of a castle.


Goat pulled car with children. The boy in the front is wearing clogs. The girls have flowers.
Dutch tintype of the Puk family.


Dutch tintype.
"Twee vrijgezellen Anton Andriesen and Jan Smit op reis"
"Two bachelors Anton Andriesen and Jan Smit on a journey"


4 women with sewing machines, working outdoors on some white fabric.


1. Woman in traditional clothing, posing in a studio with a checkered background to create depth.
2. Couple in winter clothes posing before a backdrop with a house on a hill.


Lady with big flowery hat.


Man and woman (with pink ribbons) in studio. Young boy holding a book.


Women and baby in studio.


Woman posing with her car.



3 women sitting by a fake fire, wearing warm fur coats.


Couple reading on the beach, with their dog.


2 men in uniform posing in front of a painted backdrop.
"Zur erinerung an das Jahr 1894"
German for "to the memory of the year 1894"


5 men with top hats and cigars. There's a castle in the background.


Woman posing by a studio prop.


Couple posing before a decorated backdrop. A small child on the side moved his head during the exposure.


3 children in a studio, with a small letter on the corner.


Related to the following tintype.


"Aunt Nellie, age 12"


2 copies of the same photo: 2 couples posing in front of a white curtain.