Carte de Visite
Victorian Albums



Rare folding screen with places for kabinet cards and 2 carte de visite.
The front is very nicely decorated with flowers and butterflies, where the back is sober.
The piece is in bad condition and the slots have been ripped in several places.
The creator hadn't thought it through properly: the photos fall out of their places because the
opening is on the bottom instead of on the top.
The person who filled the screen up, used photos of Lady Churchill and the Princess of Wales.


Taken by Charles F Treble, with studios in London


Unknown photographer. Interesting jewelry.


Taken by the van der Weyde Licht, 182 Regent Street, London.
"H R H the Princess of Wales"
Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925), arranging flowers.


Unknown photographer. Portrait of Lady R. Churchill.


Taken by Skillman, Uxbridge Road, South Kensington (England)


Taken by Eddie Madge, Abergavenny (England)


Taken by Russell & Sons, London
Established in 1852