Taken by J. Baer, Diergaardelaan 44, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Photo of the back of the man glued on the back.
Possibly a German tourist visiting the nearby zoo.


Unknown photographer.

"De 100.000ste Groninger is geboren"

Frederik Johannes Gramsbergen (13-04-1927 - 16-11-2019) was the 100.000th habitant of Groningen, Netherlands.

At his birth he was given silver cutlery, 200 gulden, a life insurancy, a doll, aquarium, a cake, suspenders, and 200 eggs.

In 2022 the city had 234.950 habitants.


Taken by A. van Beurden, Willem II Straat, Tilburg (Netherlands)


Taken by J. J. Bes, Rozengracht, Zaandam (Netherlands)


Taken by Samson, 26 Rue de l'Universite, 18 Boulevard d'Avroy, Liege (Belgium)


Taken by Strom & Walter, Blucherstr 13 und Kopnickerstr 102, Berlin (Germany)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
"Aout 1897"


Unknown photographer.


Taken by W. Tinker, Haarlem (Netherlands)
"W. Tinker 16-8-1816 - 1894"


Unknown photographer.
"Harderwijk, Juni 1893, fotograaf Dalhuisen"
(modern note from the seller)


Taken by Allison & Allison, Queen's Arcade, Belfast, Clanbrassil St, Dundalk (Ireland)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by G. Raynaud, 23 Rempart St Catherine, Anvers (Belgium)


Taken by C. van Loo-Smet, Rue de Flandre 56, Gand (Belgium)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Thorneycroft, London Road, Newport Pagnell (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
Poffertjes pan (small Dutch pancakes)


Unknown photographer.
Woman peeling and cutting apples into rings.


Taken by J. Magielse, Goes (Netherlands)


Taken by B. Reekers, Enkhuizen (Netherlands)
"Fam Boekwijt" written on the back. (Old spelling of buckwheat)


Unknown photographer.
"Juni 1893, Fam. Dalhuisen, Zeist" (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer.
"Juni 1893, Fam. Dalhuisen, Harderwijk" (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Salm & Co., Kampen (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer.
"Gazette van Gent" (Belgium)


Taken by H. Herbert, Windermere (UK)
Four tawny owls


Taken by J. Siewers & Zoon, Edam, Hilversum (Netherlands)
"Schipper de Waart, 18 Sept 1893, Marken"
Siewers was active on these addresses in 1890 - 1918.


Unknown photographer.
1. (...) Middelburg
2. A. en J. de Bruijn


Taken by C. W. Bauer, St Janstraat 202, Middelburg (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer. (Switzerland)
Copy of a page from a CDV album.


Unknown photographer.

"Middelste: Morgensvodt 52966, Andere: Muijzer 53009
Onkruit vergaat niet"

Literally 'weeds never die', meaning those that are useless live the longest. Perhaps a tribute to the dog on the painting.


Taken by (Fred) Boissonnas, Geneve (Switzerland)


Taken by Ph. Leigh, Saargemund, St. Avold (France)


Taken by Palmer Clarke, Post Office, Terrace, Cambridge (UK)
This studio opened in 1895. "Lucas & Co Builders" on the box of toy blocks.


Taken by Mr J. Wellings, 9 Coborn Terrace, Rye Lane, Peckham, London (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. B. Knott, 60 Princes Street, Edinburgh (Scotland)


Taken by Karoly, Art Photographer from Vienna, Broad Street Corner, Birmingham, also at Victoria Colonnade, Royal Leamington Spa (UK)


Unknown photographer.
"Van Miep"


1. Taken by Brainich & Leusink, Menthensteeg 7, Arnhem (Netherlands)
2. Taken by Gebr. Lehmann, 15 Neue Schweidnitzerstrasse 15, Breslau (Poland)


Taken by D. Stolp, Arts, Sanatorium, Arnhem (Netherlands)
"21 1900 April"
Stolp was a doctor at the sanatorium (care hotel) in Arnhem.
In 1899 he send in 18 photographs for the Historic Exhibition of Medicine.
The woman pictured is standing before the sanatorium, and is possibly a patient.


Taken by Richard Brown, 35 Bold St and 210 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool (UK)
"The Four Generations. The "Croftling" just 4,5 weeks old. 27-7-98"


Taken by Albert C. Malkin, 54 Bold Street, Liverpool (UK)


Taken by Wm Brown, 9 Gilmour St, Paisley (Scotland)


Taken by W. F. Ferguson, Holmfirth, Yorkshire (UK)
Double exposure of the same man.


Taken by B. Ellot, Johannesburg (South-Africa)


Taken by George Kilgour, Edinburgh & Saltcoats (Scotland)


Taken by F. W. Wood, from Elliott & Fry, Head Studios 347 & 349 Edgware Road, London (UK)
"Fair conductor" on her headband, "fairs please" on her dress made of tickets.