Unknown photographer.
Anne Henriƫtte Swellengrebel (1810-1874)
She was the first head nurse at the Diaconessen hospital in Utrecht.
She never married, and despite her wealthy family she dressed plainly.
Her sister continued the work after she died.


Taken by Wegner & Mottu, Hamburgerstraat 237, Utrecht (Netherlands)
Sara Florissa Swellengrebel, sister of Anne Henriƫtte Swellengrebel.
Took over as head nurse at the Diaconessen hospital after her sister died.


1. Taken by Hellis & Sons, London (UK)
"Kate Emily Barkley Moss"

2. Postcard. "Very sincerely yours, Katie Moss"

Katie Moss (1881-1947) wrote "The Floral Dance" in 1911.
She was a singer and composter.
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Taken by W & D Downey, Newcastle & London (UK)
"Anna Deslion "nana" maitrese van Prins Napoleon "Plon Plon" Bonaparte (1822-1891)"
-family tree-


"22/10 '2 (1902) van mevr N van Kol te Princenhage, Nellie van Kol met Bebe"
Nellie van Kol, born Jacoba Maria Petronella Porreij (1851-1930) was a Dutch feminist and writer.
She was a teacher in Germany and a governess in India. She married Henri van Kol and had 2 children:
Lili (1886) and Ferdi (1891). Lili's son was the famous Drs. P. Nellie was the founder and editor of "The Woman"
(De Vrouw, 1893-1900) and a few other magazines. She wrote stories about "Bebe", which she's reading
from in the photo. She lived at Princenhage between 1898-1904, with this image being from 1902.


Unknown photographer.
"Your Affectionate Friend, Arthur Mee"
Arthur Henry Mee (1875-1943) was a British writer, journalist and educator.


Taken by E. T. Watson, Albion St, Hull (UK)
"Mr George Peace, with kind regards from Thomas Greenbury"
Author of "Man, the Noblest Work of God" (1860) and "The Standard Bearer Fallen" (1862)


Taken by Nadar, 35 Boulevart des Capucines, Paris (France)
Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886)
A Scottish physical medium with the reported ability to levitate to a variety of heights,
speak with the dead, and to produce rapping and knocks in houses at will.


Taken by Nadar, Rue D'Anjou 51, Paris (France)
"A l'ami Albert Mure, cordialement, Gustave Rivet"
Gustave Rivet (1848-1936) was a French poet and politician born in Domene, France.


Taken by Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker Street, Portman Square, London (UK)
Stamp of William Spooner, publishers and printseller, 379 Strand, London.
Miss Violet Cameron, a stage actress.


Taken by Kingsbury & Notcutt, 45 St Georges Place, London (UK)
"Mr Forbes Robertson as 'Virgil'"

Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (1853-1937) was
seen as the finest Hamlet of the Victorian era.


Taken by A. Henneuse, 6 Rue d'Assaut, Bruxelles (Belgium)
"14-7-1900" Signed by Leopold.


Taken by L. Buret Fils., Boul. du Jardin Zoologique 20, Gand (Belgium)
General Garibaldi.


Charles Haddon Spurgeon


Taken by Stilliard & Co, 9 Magdalen Street, Oxford (UK)
"J. B. Moyle, taken Oct 10th 1882"
John Baron Moyle (1852-1930) was a cricketer and a barrister.
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Unknown photographer.
"M. E. A. W. Mohr, 1925, met de Lingestroom in 1920 naar Holland gekomen.
Directeur Electr. Centrale te Petersburg. Voorzitter Nedl club te St Petersburg."

(M. E. A. W. Mohr, 1925, came to Holland on the Lingestroom (ship) in 1920.
Director Electrical Company in Petersburg. Chairman of the Dutch club in St Petersburg.)


Moritz Mohr (1877-1956) moved to Russia when he was 21. He married the Russian Bertha Ulmann (1878-1961)
Moritz was director of the Electricity company and chairman of a Dutch association. They had 3 children: Edik, Oscar, and
a daughter. After the revolution times were hard, and the Dutch government offered a one time only trip back to the Netherlands
for any Dutch citizens staying in Russia. In May 1920 the family returned on the Lingestroom. 103 people came back, 50 remained in Russia.
"Only those who've been far away and in distress can understand what this Dutch boat, this Dutch flag and the word "homeland" mean to us".
Moritz said at a reading for the Red Cross. Moritz and Bertha were invited to the Royal Palace (Het Loo) to visite Queen Wilhelmina.

Their son Oscar Mohr (1907-1952) became a journalist and a resistance fighter. He wrote for The Times and The New York Times.
He was arrested in 1942 and in the camps he wrote poems with other inmates. He served as interpreter for the Russian captives.
He was liberated in 1945. He moved with his wife and 4 children to Jakarta in 1949 to work there. His wife Daisy had been born
in Indonesia. 3 years later, a month before moving back to the Netherlands, he suddenly passed away.


Taken by Alexander Bassano, 25 Old Bond Street, London (UK)
Prof. Henry Fawcett (1833-1884) was a blind British academic, statesman and economist.


Professor Hugo de Vries (1848-1935), Lunteren (Netherlands)
De Vries stayed in Lunteren in 1918-1935. He was famous for experimenting with
mutations on flowers. The plant in the background looks to be "opuntia cactus", without thorns.
De Vries met with Charles Darwin. Other photos were taken on the same day, with the same outfit.


"the late Queen Romania"
Maria Romania


Unknown photographer.
Lady R. Churchill.


Taken by W. & D. Downey, 61 Ebury St, London (UK)
"Her Serene Highness Princess Victoria Mary of Teck"


Taken by the van der Weyde Licht, 182 Regent Street, London (UK)
"H R H the Princess of Wales", Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925)


Unknown photographer.
"Prince et Princess de Saxe"


Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, 1896 / 1900 / 1897


Taken by C. B. Broersma, Willemskade, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, 12 years of age, April 27th 1893
Broersma is the original photographer


Taken by W. G. Kuijer en Zonen, hofphotographen, Westermarkt 19, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Prijs courant. 10 Alb. portr. in 2 verschillende poseeringen 1,50
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, 12 years of age, April 27th 1893
Broersma is the original photographer