Taken by Mrs. E. Higgins, Stamford (UK)
Elizabeth Higgins (1828-1899) was a photographic artist.
She was married to Henry A. Higgins, a chemist's assistant.
Elizabeth's assitants were her nieces Annie B. Hopgood (1850)
and Mary Hopgood (1855) who later became photographers too.

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Taken by Jeanne Grillet, Via S Lucia 28, Naples (Italy)
Jeanne Grillet, daughter of Jean-Louis Grillet.


Taken by Mrs Williams, Talbot Place, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton (UK)


Taken by Anna Jensen, Haslev (Denmark)


Taken by E. Kirchner, Delft (Netherlands)
Emma Kirchner came from Germany to Delft in 1863 and opened a studio with
Frederik Gräfe, her brother in law. In 1875 she worked with Henri de Louw, her son in law.


Taken by Berta Hallgren, Mora (Sweden)


Taken by Bertha, Africanergasse 9, Wien (Austria)


Taken by Julie Haftner, Jagerzeile 523, Wien (Austria)


Taken by Rosa Jenik, Wien (Austria)


Taken by Mme R. de Perol, 140 Avenue de Neuilly, Paris (France)


Taken by Madame Gonthier-Cornand, Boulevard d'Avroy 12, Liege (Belgium)
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Taken by E. Bieber, Hamburg (Germany)
Emilie Bieber (1810–1884) pioneering German photographer.


Taken by Cornelisse-van der Poel, Hang 422, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
"boven het Fabriek van Suikerwerken" (above the sugar factory)
Francina Johanna Cornelisse-van der Poel ran several studios in Rotterdam.
Her husband Petrus Johannes Cornelisse started out as daguerreotypist.


Taken by Kamilla Asboth, Th. Glatz's Erben, Hermanstadt (Romania)


Taken by Kamilla Asboth, Hermannstadt (Romania)


Taken by Wed. J. van Koningsveld, Deventer (Netherlands)
Lucie Blachet was born in France and married Dutch painter Jacobus van Koningsveld.
He passed away in 1866 and she took over the studio as "weduwe" (widow) of Jacobus.


Taken by Wed. Boelsums, Molenplein, Den Helder (Netherlands)
William Frederik Boelsums (1851-1907) was followed up by his wife Adriana Everdina Thijssen (1853-1917)
She was a registered photographer since 1903. Their son William Cornelis also became a photographer.


Taken by Vve. L. Gevaert & Fils, 65 Rue des Peignes, Anvers (Belgium)
"Veuve Ludovic Gevaert"
Veuve is French for "widow"


Taken by Mr & Mrs Ward, with 3 studios in London (UK)


Taken by Mr & Mrs Oswald Allen, late William Bradley, 2 Northwick Terrace, Maidenhead (UK)
Formerly of George Street, Sydney (Australia)


Taken by Mr & Mrs S. G. Payne & Son, Aylesbury (UK)




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