Unknown photographer.
Man flying with a large balloon and parachute, wearing his top hat.


Unknown photographer.
Man in fake cardboard airplane.


Unknown photographer.
Early photo of Schiphol, the Dutch airport. Fokker PH-AIZ


Taken by A. Russell, 1 Orsett Road, Grays (UK)
Possibly 3 sisters, one in a wheelchair.


Unknown photographer.
"20 (maart) 1899"
Young girl in a wheelchair.


Taken by A. Rae & Son, Banff (Wales)


Taken by G. v. Nemeth, 11 Bez Grosse Stadtgutgasse 26, Wien (Austria)
"September 1888"


Taken by J. Tamemasa, Motokagomachi, Nagasaki, Nippon (Japan)
Two children posing with a Japanese pulled rickshaw. Invented around 1869.


Taken by Smith's Studio, 21 Avenue Road, Fordsburg (South-Africa)
"To Fritz & Martha, with love from Emil"
Two men by their snow covered wagon.


Unknown photographer. (Russia)


Unknown photographer.


"te huur of te koop, .... makelaar, J. M. Baay, Nassaulaan 54"
(for rent or sale, .... broker J. M. Baay, Nassau lane 54)


Group of people on a boat.


(Kabinet) Unknown photographer.
Group of people on a beach posing with a boat named Marie.


Unknown photographer.
"Florence Bygrarte, at the age of 16 years and 9 months"


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
Tandem bicycle.


Taken by V. Satillat, 58 Rue Fontaine-au-Roi, Paris (France)


(Kabinet) Taken by Henri Carrette, 23 Rue Nationale, Tourcoing (France)


Taken by W. Slade, 45 Pier Road, Erith (UK)


Taken by J. H. Blomfield, Hastings (UK)


Unknown photographer.
Boy on a bicycle.