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Taken by E. Grasse (UK)


Taken by Edward Johnson, Church 21 Street, Wisbech (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Jos Kirsch Fils, 32 Passage Lemonnier, Liege (Belgium)
"l'oncle Deliour"


Taken by A. E. Scales, Hartlepool (UK)


Taken by F. W. Feuerstacke, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Piece of Dutch newspaper on the back.


Taken by Stuart Brothers, est 1850, 47 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London (UK)


Taken by The London School of Photography (UK)


Taken by Davis, Church Gate, Luton (UK)


Taken by Bowen & Carpenter, 2 Priory Place, Kilburn (London, UK)
Mr Kerby
-family tree-


1. Unknown photographer.
2. Taken by W. Robertson, Queen St, Peterhead (Scotland)

Taken by Th. M. Staas, Willemskade W1, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)


Taken by The People's Portrait Rooms, 190 Trongate, Glasgow (Scotland)


Taken by G. Brown's, photograph gallery, 121 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis (USA)




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