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Taken by Nesbitt, 118 High Street, Notting Hill Gate (London, UK)


Taken by L. Yrondy, 2 Rue Nationale, Fougeres (France)


Taken by A. N. Stauffer & Co, Mount Pleasant, PA (USA)


Taken by Samson & Co, Krefelderstrasse 178, M-Gladbach (Germany)


Taken by Frank Dyer, station street, Cullompton (UK)


Taken by Atelier Siewers, Edam (Netherlands)


All taken by Paley, 141 Division St, New York (USA)


Taken by Percy Parsons, St Nicholas street, Worcester (UK)


Both taken by Hamnett, 197 Bristol St, Birmingham (UK)


Taken by A & G Taylor, famous UK photographers.


Taken by Jean Baptiste Feilner, Rosenstr 29, Oldenburg (Germany)


Taken by A. Aronstein's photo studio, 49 Canal Street, New York (USA)


Taken by Charles Gallade, Grand Rue 29, Mons (Belgium)


1. Unknown photographer."Falle- Par-" written on the painted background on the bottom left.
2. Taken by atelier Frenay, Lange Pooten 39, Den Haag (Netherlands)


1. Unknown photographer.
2. Taken by Prescher, Chestnut St 527 529 531, Milwaukee (USA)


1. Taken by A H De'Ath, Ashford, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells (UK)
2. Taken by E. S. Baker, 82 Bristol St, Birmingham (UK)


Taken by Gustave Blampain, Chimay (Belgium)
"1891" on the fence.


Taken by Marrocco, 294 Rue de Belleville, Paris (France)


Taken by M. Becker, rue des Foulons 65, Bruxelles (Belgium)


Taken by Alexander Flury, Pontresina-Engadin (Switzerland)




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