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Taken by Thomas Johnson, 36 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester (UK)


Taken by J. Kerr, Holywood, Belfast (Ireland)


Taken by Jno E Russell, Walsoken Road, Wisbech. (UK)


Taken by David Phillips, 33 Commercial St, Aberdare (Wales)


Taken by S. Gay, 10 Lower Union Street, Torquay (UK)


Taken by (Charles William) Gwyn Collier, 223 Fulham Road, Brompton, London (UK)


Taken by Theo F. Chase, 69 Westminster Street, Providence, Ri (USA)
"This if for Emily"
-family tree-


Taken by August Rombaut, St Nikolaas, Nieuwstraat 60 (Belgium)
The town's spelling is now St Niklaas or Nicolas.


Taken by Eustace, Reading (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. N. Webster, Barton, Vt. (USA)


Taken by W. H. Franklin, 3 Lower Street, Deal (UK)


Taken by J. F. Timms, 31 High Holborn, London (UK)


Taken by F Joubert, 36 Porchester Terrace, Bayswater (UK)


Taken by Daniel Jones, 66 Bold St, 11 Church St, Liverpool (UK)
"Mela Hughes"


Taken by R. Pateson, Preston (UK)


Taken by Mr W. J. Woodhouse, Lynn, Norfolk (UK)
"Frappe Forte Agincourt" (Strike Strong, the battle at Agincourt)


Taken by E. Harrison, 51 52 & 53 Oxford Road, Kidderminster (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by W. Lynden, 10 & 12 Union Street, Plymouth (UK)


Taken by A. Tominz, Pittore, Piazza della Borsa 10, Trieste (Italy)


Taken by J. L. Denny, 56 High Street, Daventry (UK)
1. "M. A. Jones"
2. "Sept 1882, Nellie Jones, mother"
(family tree)


Taken by H. J. Weesing, 5 Binnen Brouwerstraat 5, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by G. Bloemers, Doetinchem (Netherlands)


Taken by C. Allen, Tenby (Wales)
Wallpaper backdrop.


Unknown photographer.
"Lady Raglan"
-family tree-


Taken by F. C. Earl, 46 Broad St, Worcester (UK)
"Raglan Sommerset connection"
-family tree-




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