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1. Taken by S. R. Elzinga, Terneuzen & Oostburg (Netherlands)
2. Unknown photographer.


Taken by Elsmore, Glasgow (Scotland)


Taken by Photographie Societe anonyme, H. C. de Graaff, Koningsplein, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by A. Whitla, 190 Oxford Street, Manchester (UK)
"all photooraphs should be kept in a clean dry warm place. There is nothing more injurious
than a cold damp ill-ventilated room. A damp wall is ruinous to & will fade the very best prints."
Photographs was spelled correctly on another image by the same photographer.


Taken by A. N. Stauffer & Co, Mount Pleasant, PA (USA)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. B. Macnair, 11 West Nile Street, Glasgow (Scotland)


Taken by John Hodge, Union Street, Stonehouse, Devon (UK)


Taken by Strauss, Korte Hoogstraat 1, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by Henry Knight, Regina House, Grand Parade, St Leonards on Sea (UK)


Taken by T. Nesbitt, Market Place, Blandford (UK)


Taken by W. C. Gordon, Westbury Road, Nairn (Scotland)


Taken by F. M. Dean, Blackpool (UK)


Taken by Thomas Donovan, 1 St James St, Brighton (UK)


Taken by Gustave Buyle, Rue de l'eglise 5, Alost (Belgium)


Taken by Photo Compagnie Belge, Bruxelles and other cities (Belgium)


Taken by Paul Prescher, Chestnut St 527 529 531, Milwaukee (USA)


Taken by Horace H Dudley with several studios in England.


Taken by J. G. Geilert, Dobeln (Germany)
"Zur freundl Erinnerung am s. l. freund, Paul Schmidt"


1. Taken by Hooper, Market street, Swindon (UK)
2. Taken by Thompson, Leeds Bradford Sheffield Sunderland and New Castle on Tyne (UK)


1. Taken by Waghorn & Son, 395 High Road, Leytonstone (UK)
2. Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by C. J. L. Vermeulen, Den Haag / Utrecht (Netherlands)


Taken by P. J. de Kroon, Oosterhout (Netherlands)



Taken by Fr Vodisch, Heiligengeiststrasse 2, Oldenburg (Germany)




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