Taken by W. H. Prestwich, City Road 155, London (UK)
"Grandmama N..."


"Little Red Riding Hood"


Taken by Stuart, 120 Buchanan Street, Glasgow (Scotland)
"Polly Newbould"


Taken by Mayall, 224 Regent Street, London (UK)
"Miss Herbert"


Taken by Farren Brothers, 10 & 11 Crescent, Cambridge and High St, Chatteris (UK)


Taken by The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, 110 Regent St and at 54 Cheapside (UK)


Taken by Hills & Saunders, Oxford & Cambridge, also at Eton, Harrow & London (UK)


Taken by Green & Sutcliffe, Burton, Westmoreland (UK)


Taken by G. W. Wilson, Aberdeen (Scotland)


Taken by W. H. Schroder & Co, 671 Geoge Street, Sydney (Australia)


Taken by Odinot, 126 Rue St-Dizier 126, Nancy (UK)


Taken by the London StereoScopic Company, 54 Cheapside and 110 & 108 Regent Street, London (UK)


Taken by Jos. Saller j. & A. Knesevic, Hotel Elephant, Laibach (Slovenia)


Taken by G. McLean, Fakenham (UK)


Taken by Henry Dixon, 112 Albany Street, Regents Park, London (UK)
7150 / 7941 / 11208


1. Unknown photographer.
2. Taken by Karl Muller, Poessneck (Germany)


1. Taken by B. Thomas, Aberdare, and 94 High St, Merthyr (UK)
2. Unknown photographer.


Taken by C. F. Mathews, 51 Tottenham Court Road, London (UK)


Taken by L. Yrondy, 2 Rue Nationale, Fougeres (France)


Taken by Colliver, Church Street, Liskeard (UK)


Taken by J. Inglis, 101 Great St James Street, Montreal (Canada)
"for Shalto"


Taken by Rafael, Ceska Trebova (Czech)
On the back of the uncoloured version:
"Karl Simon, Locomotiv Heizer (stoker) Wien, 21 Sept 1905"


Taken by A. Smith, 43 Canal St, New York (USA)


Taken by George Holden, 10 Avenue Road, Acton, London (UK)


Taken by W. T. Bovey, 2 St Ann's Villas, Avenue Road, Acton, London (UK)


Taken by W. H. Midwinter, 49 Park Street, Bristol (UK)
(family tree)


Taken by (Charles William) Gwyn Collier, 223 Fulham Road, Brompton, London (UK)


Unknown photographer.


"Costumes des Pays Bas"
A Dutch costume, tinted.


Taken by James Whyte, 37 Jamaica St, Glasgow (Scotland)
Two people outlined with pencil.


Unknown photographer.