Taken by S Hoggard, 27 Davygate, York (UK)
Copy of an ambrotype, with the passe-partout from 1857-1860 visible.


Taken by Brixton Photographic Institute, C. Cross, 2 Grove Place, Brixton Road, London (UK)
Copy of a framed ambrotype, part of the passe-partout is visible.
(family tree)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
" Reproduction."


Taken by J. van Crewel Jeune, 48 Rue du Pelican, Anvers (Belgium)


Taken by British & Foreign Copying Company, 223 Strand, London (UK)


Copied by the London & Provincial Photographic Company, 443 West Strand, London (UK)
M. Welfare, manager


Taken by Photographic Copying Company, 18 Queen Street, Cheapside (London, UK)


Taken by The London and Continental Photographic Copying Company.
The original is by A. A. Vermeulen & Co, Utrecht (Netherlands)

A local bookstore would take the original and send it to London where a
copy was made. Ads for these copies can be found from as early as 1865.


Taken by London Photo Copying Company, L. Phillips, manager, 304 Regent Street, London (UK)


Copied by the Pimlico Photo Copying Comp, 1 Belgrave Terrace, Dulwich (UK)
Banner with initials "A. F."


Copied by the Pimlico Photo Copying Company, 1 Belgrave Terrace, Dulwich, London (UK)


Copied by the Pimlico Photo Copying Comp, 64 Shakespeare Road, Herne Hill (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
2 copies of 1 photograph.


Taken by A & G Taylor, Cardiff (UK)


Taken by Gustave Grandjean, rue de la Baume 193, Lize-Seraing (Belgium)
"Oncle Simon Dessart"


Unknown photographer.
"In Memoriam"


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
"8/0 per dozen"
(family tree)


Taken by Sawyer, 42 London St, Norwich (UK)


Taken by Greenhalgh & Son, Bolton & Farnworth (UK)
Drawing of possibly Milli.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by M. Hille, Willemstraat 12, 's Hage (Netherlands)


Taken by L. Krach's Wittwe, Theatergasse 18, Laibach (Slovenia)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by S. J. Purkholzer, Hauptstrasse 45, Wien (Austria)


Unknown photographer.