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Taken by Direction Albert P, Bordeaux (France)


Taken by E. Johannes, Java (Indonesia)
"Voor Cornelis en Anna"


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Albert Deckers, successeur de Alfred Criquelion, Chaussee d'Ixelles 80, Ixelles-lez-Bruxelles (Belgium)
Stamped Jeanne Crevecoeur. "20 Mars 1882"


Taken by Mark & Bailey, the Library, Northampton (UK)
"Sept 26th '78"


Taken by Jacques Chits, Haarlem & Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by W. H. Midwinter, 24 College Green, Bristol (UK)
"Agnes Emily Mary Buzzard, Born 9th Oct 1869, Photo 24th Oct 1870"
Agnes (1869-1957) married Daws Rowe Marshall and had 2 children, Keith and Thora.
Note the mother's dress is visible beneath the child.


Taken by E. O. Thiel, 52 Rue de Fer, Namur (Belgium)


Taken by Henry Dixon, 112 Albany Street, Regents Park, London (UK)


Unknown photographer.


"Art photo studio" on the front.


Taken by A. Louvois, 51 Chaussee de Louvain, lez-Bruxelles (Belgium)


Taken by J. Wery-Robert, Forchies, Grand Rue (Belgium)


Taken by C. Terrasse, Rue Royale, Bruxelles (Belgium)
"Souvnir du petit ... sa tante Anna, fait a l'age de 9 mois"


Taken by J. Portzgen, Kruisstraat 4, Haarlem (Netherlands)


Taken by M. H. Ladde, Nieuwendijk 59, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Tintype, uncased.


Tintype taken by Timpe, Main & 2d Str, Davenport, Iowa (USA)