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Taken by George Kilgour, Edinburgh & Saltcoats (Scotland)


Taken by Cruttenden, Maidstone (UK)
"R C C L"


Taken by H. Mc. Farlane, 107 Buchanan Street, Glasgow (Scotland)


Taken by Cramb Brothers, 67 West Nile Street, Glasgow (Scotland)


Taken by W. Gray, High St, Galashiels (Scotland)
There's a sewing machine behind the ladies.
Also a strange blank square on the wall.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Schotel, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Tiger skin.


Taken by Edward G. Brewis, Victoria Art Studios, 8 & 10 New Bridge St, Newcastle-on-Tyne (UK)
Leopard skin.


Taken by Mowll & Morrison, 45 Hardman St & 5 Myrtle St, Liverpool (UK)
Leopard skin on the floor.


Taken by Photographie Americaine, Place du Martyr, Verviers (Belgium)


Taken by Elkan, 74 Rue Pellart, Roubaix (France)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by P. Fairclough, 30 Scotswood Road, Newcastle on Tyne (UK)


Taken by Turnbull & Sons, 75 Jamaica Street, Glasgow (Scotland)


*Taken by G. Beales, New Road, Spalding (UK)
(family tree)


Taken by Priestley and Sons, 1 Falkland Road, Egremont (UK)
Pair of binoculars and a fan, amongst other items.


Taken by Thomas Lewis, Merton House, 200 Stratford Road, Birmingham (UK)


Taken by Dittmar, 1102 Walnut Street, Milwaukee (USA)


Taken by C. van Loo-Smet, Rue de Flandre 74, Gand (Belgium)


Taken by H. Boonstoppel, Dordrecht (Netherlands)



Taken by E. Quequin, 76 Grand Rue, Mons (Belgium)


Taken by Ch. Maignan, Rue Franciade 4, Blois (France)


Taken by A. J. Brown, chemist & photographer, Halstead (UK)


Taken by William Thomson, Exchange Street, Aberdeen (Scotland)
Woman leaning on a piano.



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