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Unknown photographer.
(family tree)



Unknown photographer.
Posters on the wall beside the sitter.


Taken by J. Wakeham, 32 Union Street, Stonehouse (UK)


Taken by C. F. Mathews, 51 Tottenham Court Road, London (UK)


Taken by J. Crosby, Masbro, Rotherham (UK)
"2 Japanese girls"


Unknown photographer.
"3,5 lang, 5,5 breed, 4 jaar"


Taken by Brown & Son, High St, Ramsgate & Broad St, Deal (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by W. S. Wyles, 101 & 103 Kings Road, Reading (UK)
Child seated on a crate.


Taken by E. Credig Evans, 11 High Street, Cardigan (UK)


Taken by W. J. Wellsted, Paragon Street, Hull (UK)


Taken by J. Weston & Son, 3 Guildhall St, Folkestone (UK)


Taken by Dr. Higgins' Photographic and Dental Parlors, Streator Ill (USA)


Taken by William Towert & Son, 42 St Patrick Square, Edinburgh (Scotland)


Taken by Whaley's Studio, Weston Villa 433 High Street, Cheltenham (UK)


Taken by Villiers & Quick, 42 Park Street, Bristol (UK)
"Taken Aug 1902"


Taken by Chenhall & Son, 24 West Street, Tavistock (UK)




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