Taken by A. & G. Taylor, 34 Church Street, Liverpool (UK)
Foil on the back with an oriental print.


Taken by Alexander Bros, 88 Renfield Street, Glasgow (UK)


Taken by Peter Flum, Weilburg a/lahn am Bahnhof (Germany)


Taken by E. Stockwin, 139 Gibralter St, Sheffield (UK)
"Marie Etches"
The information on the back is written on a daguerreotype case or photo album.


Taken by Le Chevalier, Lafosse, 32 Victoria St and Knolls House, Higher Broughton, Manchester (UK)
"1871 won with honour, worn with pleasure 1870"


taken by E. Aug. Ekstrom in Nybro and Kalmar (Sweden)


Taken by D. O. Furnald, Manchester, N. H. (USA)
Two cent stamp, dated Apr 15 1866


Taken by Bendann Bros, Baltimore St, Baltimore (USA)
3 cent stamp, used during the Civil war 1861-1865


Taken by Elliott & Fry, 55+56 Baker Street, London (UK)
"Not to be taken"


Taken by A. Bolland, Amersfoort (Netherlands)
Abraham Bolland, photographer in: 1872-1885






Taken by F W Wood, from Elliott & Fry, 22 Bishops Road, 408 Edware Road (UK)
On the front 408 has been crossed out and replaced by 349.


Taken by Bennett, Worcester & Malvern (UK)
"Francis C. Earl, late Bennett"
(family tree)


Taken by Fradelle & Marshall, 230 Regent St, London (UK)
Marshall is crossed out, and the number replaced with 246.
"W. Matthews"
(family tree)


Taken by W. Orchard, St Austell and Fowey (UK)
Due to a misprint, the photographer has added the "y" in Fowey 3 times on the CDV in pencil.


Taken by Mathewson & Co, Brisbane (Australia)
His name is misspelled Mathenson on the front.


Taken by S. B. Halle Successor, Mayer Brothers, 133 Regent St, London (UK)
"3 Mar 186- (possibly 1861)
Mayer fr-"