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Taken by the Artists Association, 238 Tottenham Court Road, London (UK)
Foil sleeve with the address for Rayner Merrett, 74 Barton Street, Gloucester.
Man dressed as king of hearts.


Taken by A. van Beurden, Willem II Straat, Tilburg (Netherlands)


Taken by Alph. Scheffermeyer, 40 Rue de la Chaussee, Malines (Belgium)
"Irene Dens, Septembre 1903"
The wings on her costume have been coloured in to give the appearance of feathers.


Taken by F. W. Wood, from Elliott & Fry, Head Studios 347 & 349 Edgware Road, London (UK)
"Fair conductor" on her headband, "fairs please" on her dress made of tickets.


Taken by J. Bennett & Son, Worcester & Malvern (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by H. Beng, Rue de L'Offrande 10, Anvers (Belgium)
"A la chaudiere, de ketel in"

The tradition to have devils put criminals into a kettle to burn them started in Liege (Belgium) in 1883.
It was a people's court, after the official court wouldn't help them out. The woman here is dressed as a devil
and wearing a sash that says "into the kettle" in both French and Vlaams which are both spoken in Belgium.


Taken by Heinrich Zdenek, Schillerstrasse, Mahr. Schonberg (Germany)
"Sept 1895"


Taken by K. Karsen Jr., Doesborgh (Netherlands)


Taken by Mon Aug Despret, Grand Place 77, Nivelles (Belgium)
"Le 13 aout 1903, Eugenie dans a petit chaperon rouge"
(Eugenie as Little Red Riding Hood)


Taken by A. Spiess, Querfurt (Germany)


Taken by Webster Bros, 4 Porchester Road, Bayswater (UK)


Taken by Eduard Bertel, Salzburg (Austria)


Taken by A. Stiegler, Fotograf und Maler im Konigsbad bei Hermagor (Austria)
Agnes (...) meine Schwester, in Gailtaler Tracht, 18 Jahrig


Taken by Photografisch Ateleir Victoria, Limmatquai 22, Zurich (Switzerland)


Unknown photographer.
"Canton du Bessin. Milano 24 Juillet 1882"


Taken by A. Ausfeld, Sudstrasse 2, Ilmenau (Germany)


Taken by Berliner Atelier, Jnh E. Kregeloh, Kunststrasse 3 + 12, Breitestrasse 1 + 4, Mannheim (Germany)


Taken by P. Faberij de Jonge, Tiel (Netherlands)


Taken by L. H. Zeyen, Boulevard de la Sauveniere 137, Liege (Belgium)


Taken by F. Tellgmann, Eschwege, Hersfeld, Bad Sooden, Wanfried (Germany)


Both taken by J. H. Blomfield, Hastings (UK)


Taken by Oscar Tellgmann, Eschwege, Bad Sooden, Wanfried (Germany)


Taken by F. Tellgmann, Eschwege, Hersfeld, Bad Sooden (Germany)
Group of 4 women in hats and holding items. The lady in the back has keys on her belt. The women at the front are
holding flowers, a fan, and a paper scroll. The woman on the left has a dress adorned with a deck of cards.


All taken by Oscar Tellgmann, Eschwege, Bad Sooden, Wanfried (Germany)
"Der Kriegsruf"




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