Taken by Desvignes, place des Barrieres, Clamecy (France)
Boy with abacus.


Taken by W. J. van Zanen, Blauwstraat, Gouda (Netherlands)
"J. L. F. de Meyere L. Koy"
Boy with bowling ball and pins.


Taken by C. F. Cordes, Haarlem/'s Bosch (Netherlands)
Ferris wheel with boats on it.


Taken by H. W.van der Worp, Zutphen (Netherlands)
Boy with a wooden train.


Taken by H. Jaenucke, Magdeburg (Germany)
Boy with train, girl with doll.


Unknown photographer.
Small child with train.



Unknown photographer.


Taken by Heinr. Thomas & Otto Kilger, Schlofsstrasse 22, Coblenz (Germany)


Taken by W. J. Dubois, Rue Vieille Xhavee 8, Verviers (Belgium)
Young child holding a pocket watch.


Taken by J. Baer, Schiedamsche Singel 55, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
3 children in a wicker basket.


Taken by C. van Loo-Smet, Rue de Flandre 56, Gand (Belgium)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
Smiling woman with a baby in a basket.


Taken by G. Raynaud, 23 Rempart St Catherine, Anvers (Belgium)


Taken by C. Terrasse, Rue Royale, Bruxelles (Belgium)
"Souvnir du petit ... sa tante Anna, fait a l'age de 9 mois"


Taken by Wed. J. van Koningsveld, Deventer (Netherlands)


Taken by Houhhton & George, The Richmond Studio, 38 Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth (South-Africa)
6 children, 1 in a wheelbarrow.


Potters Road, New Barnet (UK)
Stanley Payne age 2 years and 3 months
Doris Edna Payne age nearly 7 months
Taken July 7th 1902


Taken by Winter, Reisnerstrasse 11, Wien (Austria)


Taken by van Bosch, 4 Place Broglie, Strasbourg (France)


Taken by Strauss, Bahnhofstr 19, Plauen (Germany)
Boys with Schultute (School Cone, filled with presents and candy, celebrating first day of school)


Taken by R. Rogge, Oberer Graben 19, Plauen (Germany)
Boy with sailor hat and backpack. There's a bunny and a puppet
in his school cone, and he's holding a large easter egg.


Taken by Liebenow, Albertplatz 14, Plauen (Germany)
Child with rattle.


Taken by Alfred Vuilley, Place de la Gare, Montbeliard (France)


Taken by C. Canty, Fleetgate, Barton-on-Humber (UK)


Taken by Denis R. Thompson, Bradford, Sheffield, Sunderland, Leeds, Newcastle (UK)


Taken by Henry J. Sibley, 181 & 343 Kentish Town Road, London (UK)


Taken by Eason & Co, 16 Dalston Lane, Kingsland, London (UK)