Unknown photographer.


Taken by Henry Dixon, 112 Albany Street, Regents Park, London (UK)


Dresden (Germany)


Taken by F. Brandseph, Marienstrasse 36, Stuttgart (Germany)


Taken by Joh. Bornemann, Verden (Germany)


Taken by J. Goedeljee, Leiden (Netherlands)
"A. M. C. Ros, geboren 30 Juli 1886, gephotografeerd 18 April 1887"

Anna Margaretha Catharina Ros
30-7-1886 - 14-12-1980 (94)
She was born to Pieter Ros (shopkeeper) and Susanna Johanna Smit.
She married Sjouke Rijper (12-9-1884/28-11-1944, 60), vicar and teacher.
They had 15 children, 3 in Argentina. Her husband had tuberculosis as a child,
and the Spanish flu in Argentina. During the war the family were part of the resistance.
They helped carpenter Henk van Dijk hide but he was found and executed, together with
sons Klaas (22) and Frans (18). 10 days later Sjouke was also executed by firing squad.
Anna, and 4 other children, were prisoners, released after the war.
family tree


Taken by Cornelisse-hergel, 86 Rue Neuve, Bruxelles (Belgium)
Girl with two large dolls and a jumping rope.


Taken by A. D. Prummel, Westerdiep, Veendam (Netherlands)


Taken by W. H. Midwinter, 49 Park St, Bristol (UK)


Taken by Sigmund Bing, Wien (Austria)


Taken by Letzter S. es Tarsa, Kassan (Slovakia)


Taken by Chenhall & Son, 24 West Street, Tavistock (UK)
"To Wish You Joy"


Taken by W. D. Niestadt & Zoon, Schagen (Netherlands)


Taken by Fritz Husig, Lingen (Germany)


Unknown photographer.
The girl on the left is standing on several books.



Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. W. Gorsuch, 48 Junction Road, Upper Holloway, London (UK)
"this is Berta, died July 1973"


Taken by Louis Frank, Berne (Switzerland)


Taken by J. Kuipers, Jan van Loonslaan 16, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by ...ffens, Berlin, Potsdamer St (Germany)
Both girls are holding dolls in large white dresses.


Taken by J. Baer, Schiedamsche Singel 55, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by G. Boucher, Rue de la Replublique 26, Orleans (France)


Taken by W. Moorman, Mosquito Ghur, Bath Road, Cheltenham (UK)


Taken by Johannes Wilhelm Salm, Kampen (Netherlands)


Taken by D. Milner & Son, Blairgowrie (UK)


Unknown photographer.


"Foto Henriette Hesse"


Taken by W. G. Kuijer & Zonen, Westermarkt 19, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by J. Goedeljee, Hoogewoerd 160, Leiden (Netherlands)


Taken by Walton Adams, Bladgrave St, Reading (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Wegner & Mottu, Prinsengracht 436, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by J. Portzgen, Kruisstraat 4, Haarlem (Netherlands)


Taken by Gordon T. Allan, Broad Street, Ramsgate (UK)


Taken by H. J. van Dorp, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by F. A. G. Blote, Sappemeer (Netherlands)
"Alie Kraster geb te Sappemeer, overleden 1914, mijn vriendinnetje
in 1912 van G. Hollander-Jullens geb 3 sept 1904 te Kleinemeer."

Geerdina Jacobine Jullens married Teunis Hollander.
Franciscus Antonius Gerardus Blote was a photographer in Sappemeer in 1915-1923


Taken by J. H. Kramer, Mariaplaats, Utrecht (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer.
Two teachers and 42 children. 29 are holding a doll, 1 a bucket and 12 didn't bring a toy.