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Unknown photographer.
Wig and beard maker.


Taken by W. Ganter, Jonkerfransstraat 120, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer.
Medical men and women posing with equipment and a skull.
On the blackboard behind them is a drawing of a skull with the words "frontal"
and "araignée" written. "Araignée" is French for spider, perhaps meaning neurons.
On the back of the photos the word "Chamery" is written, a place in France.


Unknown photographer.
Group of men wearing uniforms and aprons.
The bibs are attached to the shirt with a single button.


Taken by Karoly, Art Photographer from Vienna, Broad Street Corner, Birmingham, also at Victoria Colonnade, Royal Leamington Spa (UK)
Group of 8 CDV of the same actor in different poses.


Unknown photographer. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Art class with copies of famous paintings. Dated 9-5-1985
In the front: "woman with a fan" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1881)
The original hangs in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.


Taken by Jennings H., Lord Street, Larkhill & 4 Preston New Road, Blackburn (UK)


Taken by Josef Eibl, Hauptstrasse 62, Wien (Austria)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by C. Moreland, 13 St Andrew St, Lincoln (UK)


Taken by Brown, Barnes & Bell, London etc (UK)


Taken by J. S. Tulley & Co, 24-30 Division Street, Sheffield (UK)


Taken by Reginald Spurr, Huddersfield (UK)


Taken by B. F. Pease, Calle del Ucayali 20, Lima (Peru)


Copied by the Pimlico Photo Copying Comp. 1 Belgrave Terrace, Dulwich (UK)
Banner with initials "A. F."


Taken by John J. Avery, 12 Shacklewell Lane, London (UK)
Cricket player.


Taken by B. Marcus, Grande Rue 14, Fourmies (France)


Taken by The American Photo Co, 102 Church St, Luton (UK)


Taken by Gustove, 3 rue Thore, Le Mans (France)


Taken by J. J. Bes, Rozengracht, Zaandam (Netherlands)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by A & G Taylor, 23 High Street, Dundee (Scotland)
"Murray" Butcher with a striped apron, a knife sharpener and a cow belt buckle.


Taken by W. J. Bolton & Co, Walton Studio, Walton-on-Thames (UK)


Taken by Strom & Walter, Blucherstr 13 und Kopnickerstr 102, Berlin (Germany)


Unknown photographer.
-family tree-


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by G. A. Oldham, 11 Queen Street, Colchester (UK)


Unknown photographer.
Possibly a bridge keeper.


Unknown photographer.
"Tel 15254, H. J. Hart,
vergunningen voor...
Nieuwe aalbessen"
Possibly the shop owner, H. J. Hart, posing before his shop.
The shadow of the photographer is visible on the ground.


Unknown photographer.
"III Truub Gelderland Neede (Kweekery)"
"Beurre Clairgeau (1838), William's Duchesse (1841),
Comte de Chambord, Duchesse d'Angouleme (1812)"

These are 4 different types of pears, possibly grown for the
"Tuinbouwmaatschappij Gelderland" in Neede. They grew all
kinds of fruits which were used for jam and preserves. The
factory was in use in 1903-1931 and employed 200 people.


Unknown photographer.
Early version of a fire escape.


Unknown photographer.

The name 'Mariette Casier' appears 3 times on the back, possible a woman who worked at the factory.

The facade has two texts on top of each other. One has the words 'chemical materials' and the other 'societe anonyme'. There was a factory in Schoonaarde, Belgium called "Société anonyme de produits chimiques de Schoonaerde" which was founded in 1896. They made chemical products for industrial and pharmaceutical use. The buildings were build in 1901.

During the First World War it was bombed and partially destroyed. The Germans sold the company in 1921 and several new buildings joined the older ones and productions were fine until the 1960s.

After a decline a new company moved in and is still present, though several old buildings have been demolished.


Unknown photographer.
Building a carriage.


Unknown photographer.
Man with axe chopping wood in the forest.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. F. Kolby, Atelier neben der Post, Plauen I/Voigtl (Germany)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
Group of people wearing pots and bowls on their head.


"Photographie & Verlag am Salzbergwerk zu Berchtesgaden, Bayern"
"Photographie vom Berchtesgadener Bergwerk"
"Visitors with guide coming out of the Salt mines"




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