Unknown photographer. (Russia)


1. Taken by Hawke, 8 George Street, Plymouth (UK)
2. Taken by D. Satow, 469 Nanking Road, Shanghai (China) "HMS Plover"
3. Taken by Yong Seng, 60 Queen's Road East, Hongkong (China)
Propeller badge with star on his shoulder: 1st class stoker.

3 photos of a Royal Navy sailor on the HMS Plover, promoted to first class stoker.


Taken by J. Griffiths, 30 Alma Road, Sheerness on Sea (UK)


Taken by Atelier Victoria, Obere Koenigstr 22, Cassel (France)


Taken by W. G. Kuijer, Westermarkt 19, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by Jacomin, 7 Bd de Strasbourg, Toulon (France)
"Toulon Souvenir 1914" / "Democra-" on the hat
"M Emerif a Benassay bel que Vienne"?


Taken by Alma Swensson, Ostra Amiralitetsgat 15, Karlskrona (Sweden)


Taken by Emile Legagneur, Cherbourg (France)


Taken by A. W. Steele, 45 Bernard Street, Leith (Scotland)


Taken by M. Bown, Earlsfield (UK)


Taken by M. Appel, Berlin, Hamburg (Germany)
"1911, Ernst Lieber"


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Napoleon Syrus, London, Paris (UK/France)


Taken by Bouwmeester, Hooigracht 86, Leiden (Netherlands)


Taken by D. Pigeaud, Hoofdgracht 44, Nieuwediep (Netherlands)