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In 1844 the first Diaconessenhuis opened in the Netherlands, in Utrecht.
It's still operating today and it's the oldest Diaconessenhuis in the Netherlands.
It started with 3 nurses, known as diaconessen. Anne Henriëtte Swellengrebel
became the first head nurse, followed by her sister Sara Florissa Swellengrebel.
Below is a series of CDV of 10 diaconessen working in Utrecht in this early period.
Most were photographed by studios based in Utrecht, and most are wearing the typical
outfit of a black dress and a white bonnet with ribbons. The last diacones left in 1997.


Unknown photographer.
Anne Henriëtte Swellengrebel (1810-1874)
She was the first head nurse at the Diaconessen hospital in Utrecht.
She never married, and despite her wealthy family she dressed plainly.
Her sister continued the work after she died.


Taken by Wegner & Mottu, Hamburgerstraat 237, Utrecht
They took over the studio from C Marcussen (below) in 1879. Made between 1879-1881.

Sara Florissa Swellengrebel (1815-1881) sister of Anne Henriëtte Swellengrebel.
Took over as head nurse at the Diaconessen hospital after her sister died in 1874.


Taken by Wegner & Mottu, Hamburgerstraat 237, Utrecht
Made between 1879-1884


All by Christiaan Marcussen, Hamburgerstraat 237, Utrecht
Perhaps they all got their picture taken at the same time. Made between 1872-1878.
They had more pictures taken at the same address, when the studio had been taken over by Wegner & Mottu.


1. Taken by A. A. Vermeulen & Co, Utrecht
2. Copied by The London and Continental Photographic Copying Company.

The 2nd photo is a copy of an original by Vermeulen. A local bookstore
would take the original and send it to London where a copy was made.
Ads for these copies can be found from as early as 1865. Vermeulen
advertizes that he too can make copies of the original, but perhaps
the Copying Company was cheaper.


Taken by W. C. van Dijk, Langenieuwstraat 522, Utrecht
Made between 1863-1871


Taken by Johs H Kramer, Vrouwjuttenstraat 344, Utrecht
Sibbeltje Plekker (1838-1913) diacones since 1859
Made between 1886-1900


~Taken by L. R. Werner, H150 Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Made around 1883




There were several more photos found together with these nurses.
Perhaps they are related to these women, or they're nurses out of their uniform.

Taken by C. Marcussen, Lange Smeesteeg 657, Utrecht (Netherlands)
Marcussen was at this address before the Hamburgerstraat, where the other series was made.
Made between 1868-1872


~Taken by J. P. Metzger, Lange Smeesteeg 615, Utrecht (Netherlands)
Made before 1866


1. ~Taken by Johannes L. v. d. Heyden, Singel 435, Amsterdam
2. Taken by F. W. Deutmann, Hartenstraat 22, Amsterdam
Same woman in both pictures. Made around 1880 and before 1889




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