Taken by W. Winn, 96 Wheeler St, Maidstone (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by A. Horner, Settle, Yorks (UK)
-family tree-


Unknown photographer. "Visit Portrait" (Russia)
Hunter with owl on the barrel of his gun.


Taken by G. Halleux-Mertens, Rue du Rempart 240, Berchem (Belgium)
"Robert (4,5 years) Maria (3 years, 2 months) and Jean (2 years, 2 months) Andriessen, 1 March 1910"


Unknown photographer.
Young child holding a rifle.


Taken by N Smals, Liege and Charleroi (Belgium)
Boy with a toy gun, girl with a racket and a badminton shuttle.


Taken by Linskens & Grafe, Rue des Bouchers 5, Tirlemont (Belgium)
Two boys with rifles.


Taken by W. Runicles & Son, 7 High St. Eton, Windsor (UK)