Taken by W. Winn, 96 Wheeler St, Maidstone (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by A. Horner, Settle, Yorks (UK)
-family tree-


Unknown photographer. "Visit Portrait" (Russia)
Hunter with owl on the barrel of his gun.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Heinrich Franz, Calvarienbergg 10, Wien (Austria)


Unknown photographer.
There's writing on the ribbons from the hat but it's hard to make out what they say.


Taken by G. Halleux-Mertens, Rue du Rempart 240, Berchem (Belgium)
"Robert (4,5 years) Maria (3 years, 2 months) and Jean (2 years, 2 months) Andriessen, 1 March 1910"


Unknown photographer.
Young child holding a rifle.


Taken by N Smals, Liege and Charleroi (Belgium)
Boy with a toy gun, girl with a racket and a badminton shuttle.


Taken by Linskens & Grafe, Rue des Bouchers 5, Tirlemont (Belgium)
Two boys with rifles.


Taken by W. Runicles & Son, 7 High St. Eton, Windsor (UK)