Both taken by Louis Wrede, Ludwigslust (Germany)
"Schweizerhaus in Schlossgarten zu Ludwigslust / Herzogliche Schloss zu Ludwigslust"
(The Schweizerhaus of the castle at Ludwigslust / the castle of Ludwigslust)


Taken by Antonin, Pavillon Americain, Uriage les Bains (France)
"Mairie" town hall in Domene, France


Unknown photographer.
Group of CDV housed together, the people possibly being related to the house.


Taken by J. L. Denny, 56 High Street, Daventry (UK)
"Woodford Halse"
(family tree)


Unknown photographer.
The man on the left is wearing clogs.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by W. J. White, High Street, Towcester (UK)
Family playing croquet: the woman is holding a club.
3 hoops and another club can be seen in the grass.
Croquet has been around since at least 1856.


Taken by Eduard Frank, Coln, Arnoldshohe 273 (Germany)
4 dogs and a family posing before their house.


Taken by Arthur Debenham, 28 Union St Ryde (UK)


Unknown photographer.
Possibly Dutch.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.

In the Dargle, Co. Wicklow. (Ireland)

The picturesque glen, known as the Dargle, is a deep and rocky chasm situate about two and a half miles from Bray, and through which flows the Glenislorane River.

From the upper part of this delightful valley, and particularly from the cliffs known as the "Lovers leap" and the "View Rock", magnificent views can be obtained of the surrounding scenery.

Viewed from above and below, the union of rock, wood and water is extremely happy, and in the noon of a hot summer's day, the coolness and sober light in the bottom of this sylvan dell added to the truly picturesque combination presented to the eye, and the pleasant murmur of the almost hidden stream, form altogether an enjoyment of no common order.


Unknown photographer.
"Marion Day, Mulberry Green House, Harlow, Essex"
The house is still there today.
-family tree-


Taken by W. G. Mill, 86 Lancefield St Queens park (UK)


Taken by Fr. C. Lachenwitz, Haagsche Str 20, Cleve (Germany)
Castle Moyland, first mentioned in 1307, is still there today.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by E. Boschloo
"'t Korte, villa rechts v/d Hengelooschen weg te Enschede 1899"


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Georges Sommer, Naples (Italy)
"Anfiteatro Pompei"


Taken by Ad. Braun & Cie, Dornach and Paris (France)
"Nr 1132, Lucerne"


Taken by E. Debenham & Co. 88 St Thomas Street, Weymouth (UK)
(Prices of CDV/Cabinet photos)
Local views, 8x5 series 9d, and other sizes at proportionate prices.
Medalions from 6d. Groups, Equestrian, and Marine photography
by arrangement. A visit of inspection respectfully solicited.


Taken by Jean Schnock, Berlich 21, Coln (Germany)
"Wilhelm Bruns, Rector, Dabringhausen (Rheinpr)"
Large group of children standing before the school on the left.


Unknown photographer.
Playground with several games. One boy is holding a cricket bat.
There are swings and what looks like a maypole but with 5 ropes.
There's a Russian game called "giant steps" that looks like this.


Taken by Finkbeiner.


Stamped: M. W. Hildernisse J. Jz., Boekhandel, Middelburg (Netherlands)
Stadhuis en voorbereidingschool, Veere


Taken by Berton, Etienne (France).


Street with houses in Montpellier (France) in 17 April 1897.
"Raymond, hotel Nord" / "bains neothermes"
Here's some wonderful research on the building with photos of it today.


"Piazza San Marco, Venice, May 21 1863"


"The Duomo, Milan, May 15 1863"


Taken by A. Gabler, Interlaken, Suisse (Switzerland)
"Ponte de Viamala (Grisons)"
-family tree-


Taken by Joh. Fetzer, Ragaz, Wallenstadt (Switserland)


Taken by F. Bedford. North Wales, n 135, Capel Curig, Pont-Y-Garth, from Meadow.


Taken by Frith's Carte Series, 5777, Devon, Holy Street Bridge.


Taken by Frith's Carte Series, 5786, Devon, Dartmoor, The Tolmen.


York Minster, from South East.
Cricketers in the foreground.
(family tree)


Taken by Alfred Pettitt, Keswick & Gilsland Spa (UK)
"Greta Bridge"
(family tree)


3142, Aurich, Seminar
Verlag vor R. Reents, Buchhandlung
Ernst Roepke, Wiesbaden 1891


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.