Taken by Henri Pronk, La Haye (Den Haag, Netherlands)
Possibly a European daguerreotype.


Taken by E. Chiflilbe, Neuchatel (Switzerland)


Taken by A. van Kampen, 316 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ (USA)


Taken by P. Jones, over Mr. Bayley's Stationer, Hope Street, Wrexham (UK)


Taken by G. McKenzie, 5 Gilmour Street, Paisley (UK)


Taken by M. H. Ladde, Nieuwendijk 57-59, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by Jean Baptiste Feilner, Bremen (Germany)
Foldable case with 8 CDV.


Taken by Graham's Art Studios, Leamington Spa (UK)
"E. B. Kendrich"


Taken by Uges, Oosterstraat 36, Groningen (Netherlands)
4 children with a boat, jumping rope, a hoop, and a photo of a little girl in a hat.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Krueger, 20 Canal St, Grand Rapids, Mich (USA)
The seated child is holding a photograph.


Taken by G. F. Roger, 57 & 59 Nethergate, Dundee (Scotland)
"Mrs Tyler, 81 Upper Kennington Lane, Kennington"


Taken by Norton & Iris, London (UK)
"Mrs Simpson"
Two thermoplastic cases on the table.
(family tree)


Taken by Harrison & Son, 77 Liverpool Road, Newcastle, Staff (UK)


Unknown photographer.