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Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
Dog singing a tune.


Taken by B. Ellot, Johannesburg (South-Africa)


Taken by A. R. Edwards, Selkirk and Jedburgh (Scotland)


Taken by Fr. Sondenbro, Vesterbrogade 63, Kjobenhavn (Denmark)


Taken by D. Meyer, Frederiksborggade 49, Kobenhavn (Denmark)


Taken by Meyer & Co, Groningen en Meppel (Netherlands)


Taken by R. H. C. Karsses, 1114 Heereweg, Groningen (Netherlands)

"Tommie; hondje van grootvader vd Hoop-Ketelaar"
(Tommie; dog from grandpa vd Hoop-Ketelaar)

Abraham Johan Thomassen à Thuessink van der Hoop van Slochteren (1838-1882) was born in Groningen. He married Geertruida Ketelaar (1846-1925) in 1873. They had 5 children between 1875 and 1880. He died from pneumonia in 1882.

They were a family of lords and mayors with relations to the "van Boetzelaer" family. Abraham was 9 when his great aunt left him a fortune. He found out while traveling around by trekschuit (boat) and someone yelled he was the heir. When he received the Fraeylemaborg estate in Slochteren in 1867, he added "van Slochteren" to his last name. The house is now a museum.

"Thomassen" was part of their last name, and perhaps the reason why the dog's name was "Tommie".


Unknown photographer.
"Bo! Bo! Eldon House, Tooting, Xmas, 1887" (London, UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by A. Heron, 97 Weste Wagenstraat, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by Delboy, Passage 22, Den Haag (Netherlands)


Taken by L. H. Serre, Utrecht & 's Hage (Netherlands)


Taken by The Kilburn Gate Studio, Ford & Sons, 2 Kempshall Terrace, Kilburn (UK)


Taken by T. Wells, Alton, Hants (UK)


Unknown photographer.
"Mejuffrouw C M Molenaar, Leeuwarden, Willem Lodewijkstr 29" (Netherlands)


Taken by Louis Durand, Tonnerre (France)


Taken by J. J. Quist, Goes & Zierikzee (Netherlands)


Adolphe Zimmermans, de Riemerstraat 21, La Haye (Den Haag, Netherlands)
(Family Tree)


Taken by J. P. Oppers, Kalverstraat 103. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
"Het Photographisch Atelier is sedert Mei 1887 verplaatst naar den Singel 405"
(The Photographic Studio has since May 1887 been moved to the Singel 405)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. Baer, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by Edouard Thiry, Rue Antoine Sohier.
(City name crossed out, the street name no longer exists)


Taken by R. Bishop, 29 Kennington Park Road, London (UK)


Taken by J. Rodger, St Mary's Studio, St Andrews (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Smith, Galt (USA)


Taken by M. H. Ladde, Nieuwendyk 59, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by Ward's, 54 Brixton Road, London (UK)
(family tree)


Taken by Johnston & Co, 8 Stoke Newington Road, London (UK)


Taken by Taggeselle & Ranft, Augsburgerstr 9, Dresden (Germany)


Taken by Edward Sims, Tunbridge Wells (UK)


Taken by C. Bourlon, Quai des Arts 2, Chalons (France)


Taken by G. W. Wilson, Aberdeen (Scotland)


Unknown photographer.
Outdoors studio. There is a skunk or badger's pelt on the floor.


Taken by Binger's Photografische Inrichting, Oude Gracht, Haarlem (Netherlands)
"Cor met haar lieveling Benn, ook zij verzoekt vele groeten"
(Cor with her darling Benn, she also gives her greetings)


Taken by Ancienne Maison Dechamps, Place St Gudule 14, Bruxelles (Belgium)


Taken by W. C. Heijenberg, Nachtegaalstraat 40, Utrecht (Netherlands)


Taken by Oscar Tellgmann, Eschwege (Germany)


Taken by L. M. Muns, Arn. Hoogvlietstraat, Vlaardingen (Belgium)
"September 1905"


Taken by Atelier Victoria, Riedisheimer Str 15, Vauban Str 79, Mulhausen (Germany)
"deux inséparables"


Taken by T. Illingworth, 41 Crown St, Halifax (UK)




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