Tawny Owl
Lydney in Gloucestershire


Unknown photographer. (USA)
Possibly a young Spotted Owl.


Unknown photographer. "Visit Portrait" (Russia)
Hunter with owl on the barrel of his gun.


Taken by W. S. Giles, Chudleigh (UK)
"Robert E Moyle, 7 1/4 years of age, for Marion from Leka"
Marion Day was the niece of Robert Edward Moyle (1862-1949)
There's a barn owl on the table.

Robert Edward Moyle, mathematician and scientist, was tutored by Lewis Carroll.
He graduated in 1882 at Newton College and became a Maths teacher for 1882-1894.
1894-1914 he was an Inspector of Schools for the Devon County Council. In 1916 he came
out of retirement to go back to teaching. He was known as a kind man, 'Moley', who made
learning fun. He owned a 3-speed Lea-Francis bike, on which he'd let the children ride.
His father was the reverend George Moyle. Head Master of Chudleigh Grammar School.
-family tree-


Unknown photographer.
Couple with peacock.


Taken by W. G. Parker, 40 & 45 High Holborn, London (UK)
Boy with a parrot.


Taken by Henry Spink, 109 Western Road, Brighton (UK)


Taken by J. H. Slaterus, Langemarktstraat 14, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)


Taken by W. H. Palmer, 90 Ryland Rd, Birmingham (UK)
Lady with a bird in a cage.


Unknown photographer.
Two birds. Top cage: bottom right corner, lower cage: bottom left corner.


Unknown photographer.
Bird cage on the wall.

Unknown photographer.
Several birds, possibly pigeons, in the birdhouse. Also a small dog.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by G. A. Nichols, Tinwell Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire (UK)