Taken by H. Herbert, Windermere (UK)


Tawny Owl
Lydney in Gloucestershire


Unknown photographer. (USA)
Possibly a young Spotted Owl.


Unknown photographer. "Visit Portrait" (Russia)
Hunter with owl on the barrel of his gun.


Taken by W. S. Giles, Chudleigh (UK)
"Robert E Moyle, 7 1/4 years of age, for Marion from Leka"
Marion Day was the niece of Robert Edward Moyle (1862-1949)
There's a barn owl on the table.

Robert Edward Moyle, mathematician and scientist, was tutored by Lewis Carroll.
He graduated in 1882 at Newton College and became a Maths teacher for 1882-1894.
1894-1914 he was an Inspector of Schools for the Devon County Council. In 1916 he came
out of retirement to go back to teaching. He was known as a kind man, 'Moley', who made
learning fun. He owned a 3-speed Lea-Francis bike, on which he'd let the children ride.
His father was the reverend George Moyle. Head Master of Chudleigh Grammar School.
-family tree-


Unknown photographer.
Couple with peacock.


Taken by W. G. Parker, 40 & 45 High Holborn, London (UK)
Boy with a parrot.


Taken by Henry Spink, 109 Western Road, Brighton (UK)


Taken by Henry Spink, 109 Western Road, Brighton (UK)


Taken by G. Gut, Ruti (Zurich, Switzerland)


Taken by Henry Spink, 109 Western Road and Goldstone Villas, Cliftonville, Brighton (UK)


Taken by J. H. Slaterus, Langemarktstraat 14, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)


Taken by W. H. Palmer, 90 Ryland Rd, Birmingham (UK)
Lady with a bird in a cage.


Unknown photographer.
Two birds. Top cage: bottom right corner, lower cage: bottom left corner.


Unknown photographer.
Bird cage on the wall.

Unknown photographer.
Several birds, possibly pigeons, in the birdhouse. Also a small dog.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by G. A. Nichols, Tinwell Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire (UK)