Peter Carstensen (1817-?) was a salesman from Denmark, who moved to Amsterdam in
1854 and returned to Denmark in 1868. He had a studio at Nieuwendijk H201 (1860-1868)
where he made ambrotypes and later carte de visite, before the studio was passed on to the
German Louis Robert Werner (1834-1896) who continued to make CDV there (1868-1877),
and later moved the business to Nieuwendijk 150 (1878-1886) His son Richard August Werner
worked as a photographer in Amersfoort and Amsterdam.

Peter Carstensen
Nieuwendijk 201 - 1860-1868

Louis Robert Werner
Nieuwendijk 201 - 1868-1877
Nieuwendijk 150 - 1878-1886


by Peter Carstensen:

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Carte de Visite
by Carstensen


Carte de Visite
by Werner
Early 201 / Middle 150 / Landscape / Landscape2
Late / Late 2 / Cabinet / Son

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The album that can be seen in some photos is a prop from the studio.

Several photos are related to each other and labelled as series A-D.

The dates are not exact and are altered as new information comes in.