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Taken by Blomfield, 44 Roberston street, Hastings (UK)


Taken by T. Fisher & Co, 54 Mare Street, Hackney, London (UK)


Taken by E. H. Speight, 35 Dunchurch Road, Rugby (UK)


Taken by G West and Son, Gosport and Fareham (UK)


Taken by Bertin, 6 The Pavement, Clapham Common, London (UK)


Taken by David Hedges, 7 Queen Street, Lytham (UK)


Taken by Augustus Scott, 108 Oxford Street, London (UK)


Taken by Fradelle & Young (The Photo-Mezzo-Tint-Gallery 246 Regent Street, London (UK)
"Photographed at midnight"


Taken by Merrett Bros, top of Russell Street, Stroud, Glos. (UK)


Taken by Rayner Merrett, the city studio, Gloucester (UK)


Taken by M Batiste & Son, 368 Edware Road, 516 Oxford Street (UK)


Taken by Worthing Portrait Company, J. Rewman manageress, 4 railway approach, Worthing (UK)


Taken by James Cooper, Northallerton (UK)


Taken by Alexander Brothers, 88 Renfield St, Glasgow (Scotland)


Taken by Ferrier, 1 Tally st, Dundee (Scotland)


Taken by Geo. C. Caster, cathedral studio, Peterborough (UK)


Taken by E & A Quincey, photographers, booksellers, stationers & c, 72 Church Street, Barrow-in-Furness (UK)


Taken by Wolstenholme Bros, Blackpool and Blackburn (UK)
"October 2/77"


1. Taken by Albert Day's Studio, 43 Kenton Road, South Hackney (UK)
2. Taken by N. F. Perrin, Brixton & Balham (UK)


Taken by Edward Reeves, 159 High St, Lewes (UK)




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