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Taken by W. H. Oxley, Howley Hall & Batley (UK)


Taken by Cecil W. Wood, 190 Brompton Road, London (UK)


Taken by Tulley, 26 Division St, Sheffield (UK)
"Taken when 4 years of age"


Taken by Robert Atherton, 27 Bark Street, Bolton (UK)


Taken by David Rees, 298 Clapham Road, London (UK)


Taken by Richard Keene, Derby (UK)


Taken by G. Rousseau, 28 Hanover Street, Peckham, London (UK)


Taken by Winter & Son, Beverly (UK)


Taken by Dumain & Orchard, 6 Bedford Place, Commercial Road, London (UK)


Unknown photographer.
"Light and truth"


Taken by Alfred W. Cox, St James Street, Nottingham (UK)


Taken by P. M. Laws & Son, 38 Blackett St, Newcastle-on-Tyne (UK)


Taken by Lafosse, 91 Gt Ducie Street, Strangeways, Manchester (UK)


Taken by J. Crosby, The Crofts, Rotherham (UK)
"Sept 29 1883"


Taken by S. C. Mote, 3 Amersham Road, New Cross, London (UK)


Taken by E. W. Elliott, 93 High St, 8 The Arcade, Aldershot (UK)


Taken by H. J. Bridger, 69 Morden St, Rochester (UK)


Taken by E. R. Gyde, Pier Street, Aberystwith (Wales)


Taken by Fred Ash, South Beach, Blackpool (UK)


Taken by Russell & Sons, 17 Baker Street, London (UK)


Taken by M. Boak, Driffield & Pickering (UK)


Taken by King, Eastburgh, Scarborough (UK)


Taken by R. Slingsby, 168 High Street, Lincoln (UK)


Taken by W. Crooke, 103 Princes Street, Edingburgh (UK)


Taken by Stuart Brothers, 47 Brompton Road, London (UK)


Taken by Constantine Jennings, Robertson St, Hastings (UK)


Taken by Sarony, Sarony Square, Scarborough (UK)


Unknown photographer.
"For dear Mum & Pop, with Kate's Love & best wishes for a Happy Christmas xxxx"


Unknown photographer.


Taken by W. Winn, 96 Wheeler Street, Maidstone (UK)




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