Family Tree / The Album


Small album that revolves around "Willem Cornelis Cremer".
He was born in 1896 and his parents had his picture taken yearly,
noting down his age throughout. The album stops when he's 8.

Also in the album are the family dog, the servant girls, his parents
and his brother Frans Christiaan Cremer, born in 1901.
His father was first luitenant in the East Indian Army.

They seem to have gone back to the same photographer
for the first series and ordered 2 copies of most photos.
Adolphe Zimmermans, de Riemerstraat 21, La Haye (Den Haag)

From the age of 7 they switch photographers and now use:
C. J. L. Vermeulen, Toussaintkade 11, Den Haag.


1. "Met Papa"
2. "Met Mama", "1 jaar"


"Cristine Cremer"


"6 maanden"


"1 jaar"


"1 jaar"
(Looks like they cut out his photo for a locket, then changed their mind)


"2 jaar"


"2 jaar"


"2 jaar"


(Age unknown, same outfit as the next image)


"3 jaar"


Taken by B. v. d. Heuvel & Co, Korte Houtstraat 31a, Den Haag (Netherlands)
(Age unknown, but the same outfit again.
One of the servants is posing with him, not his mother.)


"3,5 jaar"


"5 jaar" (as 6 in the album)


"6 maanden, Frans" (Willy is crossed out.)


"Met Betje en Daatje?" / "the servants"
(Ages unknown)


(Age unknown)


"7,5 jaar"


"6 jaar en 7,5 jaar"
(Not possible as there's 5 years between the boys)


"7,5 jaar"?


"8 jaar"


"Aan Mevrouw Cremer-Kleijn, p. a. mevrouw Jonas, 124 Parkweg, Amsterdam"

"Lieve Papa en Mama, ik ben vanmiddag erg zoet (geweest), na het eten heb ik een poosje in de
Nieuwestraat gespeeld, morgen ga ik vroeg naar Scheveningen, en nu ga ik heel zoet slapen.
Dag lieve Papa en Mama, tien zoentjes van Willy en Frans"

(To Mrs. Cremer-Kleijn, mrs Jonas, 124 Parkweg, Amsterdam)

(Dear Father and Mother, today I've been a very sweet boy. After dinner I've played for a while
in the Nieuwestraat. Tomorrow I'll go to Scheveningen (the beach) and right now I'm going to bed.
Bye dear Father and Mother, ten kisses from Willy and Frans)