Jackson Family Tree

The Album

William Scarborough Jackson and Mary Ellen Austin had 4 children:
Arthur Stanislaus Austin Jackson (moved to France), Edmund Sylvester Jackson (fought
in the Boer War and was wrongly presumed killed in action), Frances Anne Mary Jackson,
and Wilfred Scarborough Jackson (born months after his father died, wrote 4 books)


Taken by Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker Street, London (UK)
"Arthur Stanislaus Austin Jackson"


Taken by Window & Grove, 63 Baker St, London (UK)
"Edmund Sylvester Jackson"


Taken by B. Collenette, 15 Smith Street, Guernsey (UK)
"Edmund Sylvester Jackson"


Taken by J Turner, Mount Preston, Leeds (UK)
"Frances Anne Mary Jackson"


Taken by Napoleon Sarony, 66 New Street, Birmingham (UK)


Taken by Oliver Fran├žois Xavier Sarony, Sarony Square, Scarborough (UK)


Taken by Oliver Fran├žois Xavier Sarony, Scarborough and Leeds (UK)


Unknown photographer.
"The last photo I sent you was so misty, if you like this one you may keep it.
If not you may make it acquainted with the grate. Alice"


Taken by James Harrison, 172 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds (UK)


Taken by J Turner, Mount Preston, Leeds (UK)


Taken by Vandyke, 62 Bold Street, Liverpool (UK)


Taken by A. Horner, Settle, Yorks (UK)


Taken by E. Wormald, 46 Gt George Street, Leeds (UK)


Taken by W & D Downey, Newcastle & London (UK)
"Anna Deslion "nana" maitrese van Prins Napoleon "Plon Plon" Bonaparte (1822-1891)"


"Piazza San Marco, Venice, May 21 1863"


"The Duomo, Milan, May 15 1863"


Taken by A. Gabler, Interlaken, Suisse (Switzerland)
"Ponte de Viamala (Grisons)"