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The Album


The album belonged to Fanny Cook.

Spread over the next pages are some of the 142 CDV and 17 cabinet photos from the album. Besides these,
45 CDV were offered online by a different seller. 1 was an exact copy found in this album.
The CDV may have been given to a relative or a friend, so the other 44 CDV may not be related
to the album but are also shown on these pages, with a star (*) underneath the scan.


"For Fanny. Simply to thy cross I cling."


Unknown photographer.
"Fanny Cook"


Taken by Francis R. Elwell M. A., 44 Regent Street, London (UK)
Fanny Cook


*Taken by Alfred Ellis, 20 Upper Baker Street, London (UK)
Fanny Cook


*Taken by G. Beales, New Road, Spalding (UK)
Possibly Fanny Cook, or closely related.


Unknown photographer.
"Grandma, grandad, mum, uncle Ern"


Taken by W. B. Funnell, Newick (UK)


Taken by a studio in Ashford, Kent (UK)


Taken by Mr. F. O. Devereux, 61 Western Road, Hove, Brighton (UK)
"Caroline Stanley"


Taken by Horace G. Pike, Market Square, Lichfield (UK)
"For Francis, Nov 16th 1891"
Francis could be Fanny Cook.
(Caroline Stanley)


Taken by Mayall & Newman, 91 Kings Road, Brighton (UK)
"Pose B"
(Caroline Stanley)


Taken by W & D Downey, London (UK)
The woman is holding a fan and wearing a white veil and a white wedding dress covered in flowers.
It looks like the same album on the table, but perhaps it's another one as this is not Fanny Cook.


Taken by H. S. Mendelssohn, Oxford Street, Newcastle on Tyne (UK)
Possibly the same woman.


Unknown photographer. First photograph in the album.


Taken by W. P. Carlton, 8 High Street, Horncastle (UK)
Possibly the same woman.




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