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The Album


Taken by Hellis & Sons, London (UK)


Taken by Uxbridge Road Photographic Gallery, 3 Alfred Row, London (UK)


Taken by St George, 232 Upper Street, London (UK)


Copied by the Pimlico Photo Copying Company, 1 Belgrave Terrace, Dulwich, London (UK)


Taken by A. W. Bowen, Elm Row Heath St, Hampstead, London (UK)


Taken by Gush & Ferguson, 179 Regent Street, London (UK)


Taken by C. A. Gandy, 5 Bishopsgate St, Without, London (UK)


Unknown photographer.
"8/0 per dozen"
Possibly a drawing of the woman above, or the one below:


Taken by J. C. Brewer, Yoxford House, St Stephens Road, Norwich (UK)


Taken by The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company, London (UK)


Taken by Roan's Studio, Levermore & Brooker, 80 South Street, Greenwich, London (UK)
"Photographs taken at night"


Taken by Byrne & Co, late with Hills & Saunders, Hill Street, Richmond, London (UK)


Taken by The London School of Photography, London (UK)


Taken by Rees, Pitcher & Co, 298 Clapham Road, London (UK)


Taken by Edwin W. Procktor, The Royal Studio, 16 Edgware Road, London (UK)




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