Moyle-Day Family Tree

The CDV were sold seperately without their album, which would've belonged to Marion Frances Day.
She was the daughter of Robert Newcombe Day and Sarah Ann Solly. She had a dog called Oby
who was 7 years old in 1888. Her father was a surgeon and he testified in a gruesome murder case
in 1889. You can read his report here: but be warned, it's graphic!

Fanny Day was Marion's aunt. Fanny married George Moyle, a reverend, and later a teacher. They
had 6 children, but George Moyle died before the 6th was born. George's father was a surgeon, which
is perhaps how he knew the Day family. The Day family was fond of George: when his daughter Catherine
died aged only 10 months old, she was buried with her grandparents: Francis Newcombe Day and
Elizabeth Collyns (pictured below). In the same family grave also lie 3 other Day members.

George Moyle's mother, Jane Baron, was very wealthy. She had 5 children in her first marriage, and
only George with her 2nd husband. George named his 2nd son after her: John Baron Moyle (pictured below).
Jane died the following year but left everything to her first 5 children, and nothing to her son George, or her
grandson John Baron. She left behind 600 pounds, a lot of silver and valuables, and a lot of land.

The family home, Mulberry Green, was build in the late 18th century. Robert Newcombe Day lived there,
and so did his daughter Marion. In 2000 it was set on fire by an arsonist, destroying the interior. It was
rebuild again between 2006-2009 and made into 6 large apartments. It's still there today.


Taken by Walter Bradnee, Torquay and Newton Abbott (UK)
"M. F. Day, August 1882, Marion Frances Day"


Taken by Maull & Co, London (UK)
"Elizabeth Day, nee Collyns, 1788"
Elizabeth Day (1788-1870)


Unknown photographer.
Possibly Elizabeth Day, she's wearing the same glasses.


Taken by Charles Wells, London (UK)
"H. H. taken June 15 1881, in her 61th year"
Harriet Hattersley (1820-1910) was the nurse/servant to the Day family.


Taken by Robert W. Thrupp, 66 New Street, Birmingham (UK)
"E. F. Fillinger, governess, Sept 22 1882, M. F. Day"


Taken by W. S. Giles, Chudleigh (UK)
"Robert E Moyle, 7 1/4 years, for Marion from Leka"
Marion Day was the niece of Robert Edward Moyle (1862-1949)
There's a barn owl on the table.

Robert Edward Moyle, mathematician and scientist, was tutored by Lewis Carroll.
He graduated in 1882 at Newton College and became a Maths teacher for 1882-1894.
1894-1914 he was an Inspector of Schools for the Devon County Council. In 1916 he came
out of retirement to go back to teaching. He was known as a kind man, 'Moley', who made
learning fun. He owned a 3-speed Lea-Francis bike, on which he'd let the children ride.

His father was the reverend George Moyle. Head Master of Chudleigh Grammar School.
His mother was Fanny Day.


Taken by Lock & Whitfield, 178 Regent Street, London (UK)
"67 5 yr"
This could be Robert Edward Moyle, who was born in 1862.


Taken by Stilliard & Co, 9 Magdalen Street, Oxford (UK)
"J. B. Moyle, taken Oct 10th 1882"
John Baron Moyle (1852-1930) was a cricketer and a barrister.


Taken by A. Mayman, 170 Fleet Street, London (UK)
"Francis B Moyle"
Francis Beaumont Moyle


Taken by T. Fall, 9-10 Baker Street, London (UK)
Annie Ethel Day


Taken by Elliott & Fry, 55 56 Baker Street, London (UK)

1. Annie Ethel Day, taken Feb 1888
2. Mrs Mary Clarke, September 1st 1888
3. Thomas Montague Day, June 6th 1880


Taken by James S. Cartford, Ilfracombe (UK)
"W. F. L. Day"
William Frank Lydstone Day


Taken by The Parisian Photographic Company, 1 Orchard St, London (UK)
"Aunt Solly, Fathers aunt, Granny's sister"


Taken by Eastbourne Photographic Company, 2 The Pavement, London (UK)
"Maria Day"


Taken by W. Watson, Ballater (Scotland)
"Adeline Forbes Gordan"


Taken by Crowe & Rodgers, 57 Murray Place, Stirling (Scotland)


Taken by Eastbourne Photographic Company, 2 The Pavement, London (UK)


Taken by Hellis & Sons, London (UK)
"Kate Emily Barkley Moss"
Katie Moss (1881-1947) wrote "The Floral Dance" in 1911. She was a singer and composter.


"Very sincerely yours, Katie Moss"


Taken by J. Andrews, Swansea (UK)
"John Smalman Davies, MA, 1840-1913"


Unknown photographer.
"Marion Day, Mulberry Green House, Harlow, Essex"
The house is still there today.