Raisen Family Tree

The Album

Jonah Raisen (1797-1884, 87) was married to Anna (1803-1861/1871)
Anna was blind, Jonah was a farmer at Whetham Farm in Burstock. They
owned 63 acres of land and employed a labourer and a boy. They had 3 children:
Ann, Emily, and George.

Ann married Alfred Ben Bussell, a farmer and a miller, owning 17 acres. She died
in 1870. Alfred remarried and had 3 children. Emily was an unmarried farmer and
landowner. George died before 1871, unmarried.

One of the CDV is addressed to Emily, so this may have been her album.


Unknown photographer. (UK)
There's a small child's face behind the window.
"The last remembrance of an aged brother. Taken October 9 1872
To my brother, Jonah Raisen, Whitham Farm"


Unknown photographer.
This could be Jonah again. Both men are wearing the same clothes:
the jacket, scarf, and trousers are the same. If the photo on the right was
taken in 1865, Jonah could've been 7 years younger than he is on the left.
It could also be his brother.


Taken by Theo F. Chase, 69 Westminster Street, Providence, Ri (USA)
2nd photo has the address upside down and "this is for Emily" written in pencil.

Emily was Jonah's daughter.
These could be friends of theirs who lived in or moved to America.


1. Taken by North of England Photographic Institute, Lisburn Street, Alnwick (UK)
2. Taken by J. Borthwick, 61 Bondgate St, Alnwick (UK)
Same woman, same dress.

This could be Anna, Jonah's wife, who was blind. But Anna lived in Wayford and Burstock,
a long way from Alnwick. These photos are the first in the album, before Jonah. So maybe she's
Emily's grandmother instead of her mother, and maybe the Raisen family originally came from
Scotland, which Alnwick is near to. The album has a Scottish thistle on the cover.


Taken by C. Cannon, West Street, Bridport (UK)

Charles Cannon was a traveling photographer so these were probably made at the farm.
The women in the first 3 photographs could be Anna, Ann, and Emily. The man could be George or Alfred.


Taken by Chaffin & Son, Yeovil (UK)


Taken by Anthony Chace, 16 Main St, cor. of Bedford, Fall River (USA)


Taken by Bowen & Carpenter, 2 Priory Place, Kilburn (London, UK)
Mr Kerby?


Taken by J. Borthwick, 61 Bondgate St, Alnwick (UK)
Mr Sharp?


Taken by John Burton & Sons, Haymarket, Leicester (UK)


Taken by Augustus W. Wilson, 77 de Beauvoir Road (London, UK)


Taken by Edwin Grant, 2 Cambria Villas, Swindon (UK)


Taken by Cecil Walker or Walden, Westcroft, Carshalton (UK)




Taken by E. De Groodt & Cie (Bruxelles, Belgium)


Taken by Gonthier-van Broekhoven, Boulevard d'Avroy 10, Liege (Belgium)


Taken by Madame Gonthier-Cornand, Boulevard d'Avroy 12, Liege (Belgium)


1. F. Le Bo, Oostende (Belgium)
2. Leo Le Grand, Schoolstraat, Breda (Netherlands)