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Taken by Rossbach, 293 Central Ave, Jersey City NJ (USA)


Taken by Theo G. Dimmers, 105 Fourth Avenue, New York (USA)


Taken by A. Aronstein, 49 Canal Street, New York (USA)


Taken by ?, 240 Fair St, Kingston, NY (USA)


Taken by Hargrave & Gubelman, 38 and 40 West 23Rd St, New York (USA)
"Helena Caralli (?) 4 months (?) 1890"


1. Taken by Chabiss, 334 Grand St, New York (USA)
2. Taken by Herman Wunder, 722 Fulton St, Brooklyn NY (USA)
3. Taken by Rawson, 257 Fulton Street, Brooklyn (USA)


Taken by Lopez, 4 East 14th St, NY (USA)
On the (enhanced) back "22-12-1886" and some names.


Taken by Dennington, 947 Waterstreet, Meadville PA (USA)


1. Taken by Springer, Scottdale, PA (USA)
2. Taken by Girard Studio, Girard Ave 733, Phila (USA)
3. Taken by Lewelle's, Main & Barron St, Eaton, Ohio (USA)


Taken by Rogers' College Gallery, Oxford, Ohio (USA)


Taken by Overpeck, 237 239 241 High St, Hamilton, Ohio (USA)


1. Taken by S. Fichtel, 92 Bergen Line Ave, Union Hill, NJ (USA)
2. Taken by The Park City, 362 Main St, Bridgeport, California (USA)


Taken by F. R. Johnson's, 493 Penne Ave, Washington (USA)


Taken by Mc Michael, 246 Main St, Buffalo, NY (USA)




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