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Taken by J Wada, Yokosuka, Navalport (Japan)




July 9, 1912. Saga, Japan. Two men posing with a tennis racket and a fake dog.
They're first graders at the Normal education school (training to be teachers).
Asahi-mura Miyaki-gun Saga (address) Shuichi Miyahara (name)


Taken by H. Yamamoto, Tokio, Japan.


Taken by H. Yamamoto, Tenjin, Yushima, Tokyo.


Taken by Miyanchi.




Taken by T. Yabuughi, Sacashi, Nippon. Two children with hats, one says "marine".
Photo take on September 23. The children are 12 and 3 years old. The little one is called Saburo.


Taken by T. Yabuughi, Sacashi, Nippon.
Same child as previous photo.


Taken by Tookoku, Sakaicho.


Fine Artsic Photographer.


Taken by G. Matsui, Hiroshima, Japan.
"Heartily presented to Kyoichi Nanba (his older brother) October 7.
From Kohzo (younger brother)"


"X. studio"


Artistic Photography, just duplicate of the natural beauty, J. Yasukoti, Surugadai, Tokyo.




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