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CDV of a maiko, framed in what probably was once a lid on a box.
A maiko was a geisha in training.
She has a specific hair piece, a light dress, and make-up on.
The bow on her back (darari obi) was worn by senior maikos.
A maiko was the first stage, next she would've become a geiko, and finally a geisha.


Taken by R. Maruki, Tokio, Japan.
April 20 1906.


Taken by Esaki, Asakusa Park Tokio, Japan.


Taken by Kobayashi.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by G. Hisamatsu, Kioto, Japan.
May 1892.


Taken by B. Nakamura on March 19 1894.
Yamaguchi Prefecture - Nobusuke Tachibanadani (name)
Fukuoka Prefecture - Kiyomi Hei (name)


Taken by M. Enomoto.


Taken by J. Yatsuganagi.


Taken by T. Shirasaki, Sendai (Japan)




Group of all women except for two gentlemen in the front.


Group of all men except for two women on the left front.




Taken by H. Wakamiya Photo Studio, Hakusan, Tokyo (Japan)


Taken by K. Minura.




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