Taken by W. H. Schroder & Co, 671 Geoge Street, Sydney (Australia)


Taken by Charles A. Woolley, 42 Macquarie Street, Hobart Town (Australia)


Taken by Massingham, Geelong (Australia)
"M. M. B. 1888 H. B."


Taken by Hammer & Co, 172 Rundle Street, Adelaide (Australia)
"Mrs Moore, no relation"
(family tree)


Taken by Elite Photo Co, 8 Queen Str, Brisbane (Australia)


Taken by J. Watson, Queen Street, Brisbane (Australia)
"Mrs. Panton, with Kenneth Morison's love"


Taken by Mathewson & Co, Brisbane (Australia)
His name is misspelled Mathenson on the front.


Taken by H. J. Hughes, 1 & 2 Victoria Street, Twthill, Carnarvon (Australia)


Taken by Davies, Bourke Street 94 & 95, Melbourne (Australia)
William Davies briefly worked for Walter Woodbury, inventor of the Woodburytype, and for the Meade Brothers.


Taken by Stewart & Co, Bourke St East 217 219, Melbourne (Australia)
"Aunt Janie, papa's sister"


Taken by E. C. Waddington & Co, 109 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (Australia)
"Yours very truly"


Taken by The Falk Studios, 496 George Street, Sydney (Australia)
"Clifford J H Carey, taken at about the age of 11 years
born 4th July 1877, died 26th Aug 1892
Bertie + Nellie, with Henry + Helens love"

Clifford James Herbert Carey (1877-1892) born in Bansted (UK)
His parents were Henry William Carey and Helen Howell. He had 6 sisters and 1 brother.
He died aged 15 in St. Leonards, Sydney (Australia) after falling from his pony at Neutral Bay.

His father was educated in Germany, lived in China and the family moved to Austrlia in 1885.
They moved from Queensland to Sydney. The original photo of Clifford must've been taken around 1888.
This is possibly a copy made after his death, signed by the parents Henry and Helen.


Taken by Rusfeldt, 488 George Street, Sydney (Australia)


Taken by Rusfeldt, 488 George Street, Sydney (Australia)


Taken by Creelman & Co, Burlington Galleries, Sydney Arcade, New South Wales (Australia)
"John Fenwick Fenwick, 18 months old"


Taken by Atkinson & Co, 506 George Street, Sydney (Australia)
Cabinets 15 per Doz.


Taken by Henry King, late David Scott, 316 George Str, Sydney (Australia)
The back is upside down but reversed for readability.