Taken by A. Poheca (Russia)


Taken by ОВЧАРЕНКО, possibly Obraperikoz? from Mockba (Cyrillic for Moscow, Russia)


Taken by Rembrandt Homel, Gomel, Mogilev Province (Russia)


Taken in Russia


Taken by Ivanova, St Petersburg (Russia)
"Cousine Lenie Ruthie, viva a la revolution, d'octobre 1916"




The following series of CDV all came from the same seller in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Unknown photographer. "9-5-1985"
Art class with copies of famous paintings.
In the front: "woman with a fan" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1881)
The original hangs in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.


Taken by Rob Borchardt, Muhlenstrasse 65, Riga (Latvia)



Irkutsk (Russia)
Woman with cat, boy with rocking horse.



4 men playing billiards. Game of chess on the side.