Taken by Kamilla Asboth, Th. Glatz's Erben, Hermanstadt (Romania)


Taken by Kamilla Asboth, Hermannstadt (Romania)


Taken by Gustav Waber, Bucuresci (Bucharest, Romania)


Taken by Zsunk P, Nagyvarad (Romania)


Taken by Carl Lacher, Nagy Banya (Baia Mare, Romania)


Taken by Math Ollrom, Orahovica (Croatia)


Taken by V. Steinberg, Dvinsk (Daugavpils, Latvia)


Taken by Letzter S. es Tarsa, Kassan (Slovakia)


Taken by Jos. Saller j. & A. Knesevie, Hotel Elephant, Laibach (Slovenia)


Taken by Gondy Es Egey, Cegled Utca 27, Debrecen (Hungary)


Taken by Licsko J., Pesten (Hungary)


Taken by Zelesny Karoly, Pecsett (Hungary)


Taken by Koller K. Tanar, Budapesten (Hungary)
"Cornelia Szekely, 1st Preis"
In 1882 Cornelia won a beauty contest. She was the 20 year old daughter
of a functionary in the employment of the State and won a diamond bracelet.

Newspaper article about the contest:
A Champion Beauty. The most beautiful woman in the world, or "champion beauty", has just
been found at Pesth, thanks to the municipality, which, instead of concerning itself with corporation
dinners, main-drains, and lighting, has instituted an international beauty tournament. Out of 150
candidates (the number must surely be a telegraphic mistake) only ten obtained prizes, and the
first prize, a diamond bracelet, was taken by Cornelia Szekely, aged 20. This damsel is a brunette,
with brilliant eyes, whose figure, supple as a twining creeper, recalls the type of ancient Greek
statues. Her photographs will not be ready for some days owing to a little accident which happens
even to English ladies, her dress not having come home from the milliner, but it will be soon sent to
every illustrated paper in the world, and we shall have an opportunity of judging. Meanwhile, before it
arrives, no doubt numerous challenges will be hurled to Cornelia from Europe, Asia, Africa, and
America, and the railway companies to Pesth may be expected to declare vast dividends, reaped
from the transit of wagon-loads of discontented beauties arriving from all parts of the world.


Taken by Urmossy, Jozsef Utcza 83, Budapest (Hungary)
"Emlekul Roza 1895"
(memories/keep sake to Roza)


Taken by Streliskij, Budapest (Hungary)


Taken by Kozmata Ferencz, Budapest (Hungary)


Taken by Goszleth István, Kristof ter 3, Budapest (Hungary)


Taken by Simonyi, Sebestyenter, Pest (Hungary)


Identity card for rail travel and ships. "Pataky Piroska" (Hungary)


Taken by Gebr. Lehmann, 15 Neue Schweidnitzerstrasse 15, Breslau (Poland)


Taken by Gustav Zoebffel, Schrimm (Poland)


Taken by Walery Rzewuski, Ulica Kopernika 29, Krakowie (Poland)


Taken by Idelmon, Palencia (Spain)


Taken by Rafael Arenas, Calle del Hospital 27 y 29, Barcelona (Spain)


Taken by A y E F dits Napoleon, Barcelona (Spain)
Antonio Fernández & Anaïs Napoleón, the studio operated until 1968.


Taken by M. Rey, Domedias 14-18, Malaga (Spain)


Taken by Charles Brandebourg Fils, Avenue Amelie, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Son of Pierre Brandebourg, the first photographer to open a studio in Luxembourg.


Taken by J. F. Klinger, Vorstadt, Stadtgraben eigene Villa 318, Braunau (Austria)


Taken by C. Pietzner, Wien (Austria)


Taken by Adolf Ost, Stadt, Wollzeile 34, Wien (Austria)