1. 'HW Ltd, celtic cross, EPNS'
Henry Williamson Ltd, London import mark, electroplated nickel silver.
HW Ltd is not the maker but the importer. The cross stands for the constellation Leo.


2. 'Crown EPNS crown'
Generic hallmark; electroplated nickel silver


3. No hallmark


4. Backside of 3


5. 'Lion'
Dutch; '835 duizendsten, 2e gehalte'


6. 'Lion, leopard, i, portrait'
London 1884. Engraved "MP"


7. 'JW, anchor, lion, C'
J.Wilmot, Birmingham 1902. Engraved "E.A.W. dec 2nd 1862-1912"


8. '5, W&FR, anchor, lion, i'
Walter Hayes Rabone & Frank Rabone, Birmingham 1910
Small paper inside reads:
"Given to grandma Boyle on her 80th birthday by us (Ap. 16. 1921)
(Debby's mother) B. H. B. Oct. 5 /39." (the 5 at the end was written over a 4)


9. 'W.A, anchor, lion, C'
William Aitken, Birmingham 1902. Engraved "KL"


10. Backside of 9


11. No hallmark


12. No hallmark


13. Scottish Thistle
The national emblem of Scotland, one thistle is said to have saved an entire Scottish army.
A thousand years ago, during the Vikings invasion of Scotland, an advancing enemy warrior
stepped on a thistle and cried out in pain inadvertently waking the sleeping Scotsmen.
Scottish King Kenneth III was so grateful that he adopted the thistle as his nation's emblem.


14. No hallmark


15. Backside of 14


16. Chinese shagreen case