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Dutch tintype of the family van de Watering.


"Souvenir van de Kermis. S. de Winter. Frankeeren met een cent als alleen met naam onderteekend wordt en het woord Drukwerk er op vermeld, en met 2 1/2 cent als er iets op de kaart vermeld wordt."

Samuel de Winter (1875-?) was a photographer in Rotterdam before leaving for Gent, Belgium with his caravan in 1919. He also made CDV. This tintype was likely made around 1900-1910. Another similar example also made at a fair was posted from Friesland. The card opens at the top.


Two tintypes of the same women wearing Dutch traditional costumes.


Same paper border as the previous tintype.


Woman seated in studio with decorated backdrop.


Taken by Timpe, Main & 2d Str, Davenport, Iowa (USA)
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"Lowrie's Portraits, 103 Bold Street, Liverpool. Proprietor C. H. du Faur"
James Frederick Lowrie (Liverpool studio: 1881)


"Taken by Lowrie, 184 Fleet street" (UK)
The number 184 has been replaced with 83.
James Frederick Lowrie started at 83 Fleet Street in 1878,
and had a 2nd studio at 184 in 1880-1882. This was possibly
made around 1882, after having closed the 2nd studio but not the first.

Front: "English gem portraits, taken by W. H. Prestwich, 98 Cheapside"
Back: "Prestwich's gem portraits, 98 Cheapside"


3 studio portraits


"C. L. Lovejoy, 429 North Second St., Philadelphia
Finished in fifteen minutes"
Signed 2 cent stamp (1864-1866)


"No 8 India Ink, taken so as to show the hands.
1 mile west of ?
Mrs James Allen, India Ink
Taken so as to show the hands."


Unknown photographer.


"Grande Photographie
J. Levaque
72 Rue Neuve, Bruxelles
9 Portraits Bijou, pour 1 Franc
Meme maison: portraits-cartes a 4 fr. la douzaine"


"Photographie Americaine, origine veritable
9 Portraits bijoux, pour un Franc, on livre
immediatement apres la pose
T. Taylor, 19 rue Neuve, Bruxelles
Garantis Parfaits"

Thomas Taylor had several studios in England and one in Belgium.


"Photographie Americaine, Origine vertiable, 9 Portraits bijoux,
pour un Franc, on livre, immediatement apres la pose,
T. Taylor, 19 Rue Neuve, Bruxelles (Belgium), Garantis Parfaits"

Thomas Taylor had several studios in England and one in Belgium.


"J. Jewell, American Gem Photographie"
Joshua Jewell had studios in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and Glasgow.


Taken by A. Faugeras, Rue de L'Independance 30, Bruxelles (Belgium)
Same backdrop as in the previous tintypes.


Unknown photographer. Damaged tintype.


Unknown photographer.
Possibly French.


Unknown photographer.


"Anglo-American Photo Gem Portraits.
Edward Hill, 41 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton" (UK)


"From the studio of Edward Hill, 41 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton" (UK)


"T. C. & I. Chaplin, photographers, Stratford-on-Avon" (UK)


Unknown photographer.