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Taken by Georg Markl, Wien (Austria)


Taken by James Beacham, Plymouth, Penna (USA)


Taken by G. Wade & Co., 12 Grove Road, Mile End, London (UK)
"Mother's age 53, Father's age 54, 1889"


Taken by Cavaroc, Rue Victor Hugo 6, Lyon (France)


Taken by Lachenwitz, Klosterstr 6, Bad Cleve (Germany)


Taken by Arthur Langton, 35 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgravia (UK)
"12.000 candle power electric arc lamp." and "fancy dress balls attended"
"my electric light installation is perhaps the most powerful in London"
"caution, several photographers in London advertise that they take 'portraits by electric
light' and yet have no electric installation. In place thereof -owing to its costliness-
they use a cheap and nasty substitute which produces most inferior photographs"


Taken by Remy Gorget, Face a la Gde Gare, Dijon (France)


Taken by J. Devolder, rue des chiens 7, Poperinghe (Belgium)
Two hats are stacked on the chair.


Taken by J. Werkmeister, Amtsgerichtsgasse 445, Freising (Germany)


Taken by J Baert de Buck, Rue des Remouleurs 30, Gand (Belgium)


Taken by Wakefield, 1 High St, Ealing (London, UK)


Taken by Carl Mehling, Molenstraat 50, Nijmegen (Netherlands)


Taken by Photo Compagnie Belge, 109 Rue Neuve, Bruxelles (Belgium)
"Henri Deghendt"


Taken by Gunther, Rue Neuve 33, Bruxelles (Belgium)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by F. Michiels, Rue de L'Harmonie 47, Vilvorde (Belgium)


Taken by Jas Auld, Ellon (Scotland)


Taken by W. H. Dodds, Banbury (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by W. G. Kuijer, Westermarkt 19, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Taken by J. Diamant, 87 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, Paris (France)


Taken by De Lavieter, La Haye (Netherlands)


Taken by Adr Huijbers, 113 Avenue de la Reine, Bruxelles (Belgium)


Taken by Betty Larson, Kristianstad and Wexio (Sweden)



Taken by D. But, Noordstraat 6, Ter Neuzen (Netherlands)


Taken by Antoine, Diepestraat 31, Antwerpen (Belgium)
Little boy has the initials "R L" sewn onto his shirt.


Postcard. 2 women by a beach chair.


Taken by J. L. T. Huijsen, Ramen 17, Hoorn (Netherlands)




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