Unknown photographer.


Irkutsk (Russia)
Woman with cat, boy with rocking horse.


Unknown photographer.
Young girl with a cat on a chair.


Taken by Brainich & Leusink, Menthenstraat 10, Arnhem (Netherlands)


Taken by J. Cox, 4 Radnor Street, Bradford (UK)


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
Woman with a sheep.


Unknown photographer.
"Colwyn" (Wales)


Taken by H. Feyen, Westdorpe (Netherlands)
Little girl with a chained sheep.


Taken by Wood, 100 Hartley road, Nottingham (UK)
Woman posing with a sheep.


Unknown photographer, possibly Dutch.
Little boy on clogs with a calf.


Unknown photographer.
Woman with 2 cows.


Unknown photographer.
Little girl with goat.
"priere de nous retourner cette epreuve en y inscrivant, le chiffre de la commande
toute epreuve non renvoyee sons huit jours est facturee, au prix du tarif"
(this is a test photo that you can return, giving up the number of the photo,
but if you don't return it within 8 days, you have to pay the listed price)